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5 Healthier Grilling Tips for a Healthy Summer

July 03, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

5 Healthier Grilling Tips for a Healthy Summer

Did you know there are things you can do to make sure your grill, and the food it produces, is healthier than the average BBQ? Check out these 5 tips here to keep your BBQ fresh and your food the healthiest it can be!

The grilling season is now upon us! ‘Tis the time for backyard BBQs, summer gatherings, and late night dinners as the warmth and light stretch out later and later each day. But did you know that there were things you can do to sure your grill, and the food it produces, is healthier than the average BBQ?  

We've compiled 5 easy and tried-and-true tips for you to consider when firing up the grill this summer. Check them out and grill happy!

1. Fire it up—early! You should pre-heat your BBQ just like you preheat your oven. This allows the BBQ to warm up to the proper temperature to cook your food in the right time. Cooking on a barbecue should be easy and ideally quick. Having your grill preheated to the right temperature helps to achieve this!  

2. Go additive-free—with your charcoal. If you have a charcoal BBQ, the quality of your charcoal does matter. You can choose natural, additive-free lump charcoal, which is charred wood. Other conventional charcoals might contain things like coal dust, sodium nitrate, borax, paraffins, and lighter fluid. The cleaner and more natural, the better. And as for lighter fluid? We recommend avoiding it when lighting up your grill.  

3. Keep it clean. Make sure to wipe down and clean your grill regularly, ideally each time you fire it up. Wire grill brushes are great for cleaning debris and charred bits from the last time you barbecued. And remember how we told you to preheat? It’s easier to remove these bits when the grill is hot, so preheating is a great time to clean the grill!  

4. Marinate your meat—and not just for flavour! The practice of marinating meat has been shown to reduce the likelihood of potential carcinogens forming on your meat when it’s cooked. In fact, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, marinating meat can reduce these dangers by up to 99%! Plus, marinating meat infuses it with delicious flavour, and you can marinate anything you put on there—beef, poultry, pork, fish, and even veggies. We have some great sauce and marinade options in Discover the Power of Food!  

5. Choose natural. When you’re getting ready to grill your meat, ask yourself: do I know where this came from? Do I know how it was raised? Choosing local, naturally raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re choosing the best quality (and best tasting) meat around. Ask any fresh food staff member at Goodness Me! for tips on which meats are right for you, and what the differences and benefits are. And while you’re at it, check out our organic produce department—grilled veggies taste just as good (especially marinated!) as grilled meat! Try some asparagus, peppers, zucchini, or broccoli on the grill. Or, make kebabs with both veggies and meat. And even dessert can be done on the BBQ! Grilled pineapple with a brush of maple syrup, or grilled peaches on top of organic ice cream is a delicious end to any meal.  

Looking for organic and natural BBQ essentials? Check out our BBQ section onlinefor everything you need for a healthy summer BBQ!   Follow these tips for a healthier grilling season for you and your family. Happy grilling!

Katie Mitton
Katie Mitton

Katie has worked in the natural health & wellness industry for over 10 years and is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is passionate about eating #feelgood food and recognized that this might look different for each and every person. She truly believes that in a healthy lifestyle, you can have your cake and eat your kale, too! Follow her on Instagram @katielmitts