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Goodness Gifts for Dad

Goodness Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is upon us this weekend. If you're having trouble thinking outside the new-tie-and-a-pair-of-socks box, we've got some great ideas for you that will knock it out of the park this Father's Day!  

We've picked out 5 of our best gifts for dad. From facial care to healthy snacks to coffee, we've got you covered with these surprises that are sure to please that special guy in your life!    

Theobroma Dark Chocolate Bars: Dedicated to producing some of the finest chocolate in the world, Theobroma Dark Chocolate Bars are made with at least 60% cocoa and are free of other additives like vanilla or chocolate liqueur. With lots of flavours to choose from there's something for every craving!  

Kicking Horse Coffee: Kicking Horse produces organic, fair trade, stubbornly delicious coffee blends. It's even roasted right in the rocky mountains for fresh goodness in every cup. Wake up your dad's tastebuds with this delicious coffee!  

Mike & Mike's Organic Raw Cashews: Looking for healthy snacks for that special guy? Mike & Mike's produces a whole line of organic raw nuts, packed with healthy fats and fiber. Cashews are a great healthy addition to an active lifestyle!  

Sanctum Men's Organic Facial Wash & Moisturizer:  Organic matters when it comes to skin care, too. Sanctum Men's Organic Facial Wash & Moisturizer are completely organic & natural products without any harmful additives like parabens, perfumes, or other chemicals. It allows for the softest skin in the most natural way.  

Always Bearded Beard Balm, Cream, Oil: Make that special guy in your life smell great, feel great, and look great with this amazing natural beard oil and balm.

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