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3 Reasons Why Organic Produce is the Best Choice

3 Reasons Why Organic Produce is the Best Choice

Organic produce isn't just a fad. It benefits our earth, our workers, our health, and our future. By choosing organic produce, you're choosing a brighter future and greater health. How?

ORGANIC FOR THE EARTH... Organic farming benefits the planet on a huge scale. As organic farmers do not use any synthetic pesticides that contaminate our water systems and soil, they are a great preserver of our wildlife. They bring balance to our environment. Organic farming reportedly uses 30% less fossil fuel than other farming systems, and therefore uses much less energy. It has also been found that organic farming tends to hold more carbon in the soil, reducing carbo dioxide emissions. It is clear to see that organic produce is the way to go when it comes to supporting the world we live in!

ORGANIC FOR OUR WORKERS... You might ask, how can organic farming be more beneficial for workers? The answers are in the shocking studies. Even when pesticides are used correctly, they still end up in the air and the bodies of farm workers. Certain pesticides have been associated with health issues in farm workers like acute abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, headaches, vomiting, as well as skin and eye problems. Pesticide exposure has also been linked to more severe problems like depressions, birth defects, respiratory problems, and cancer.  

ORGANIC FOR YOUR HEALTH... Unaltered, wholesome fruits and vegetables grown from uncontaminated soil and produced through environmentally friendly methods is what everyone desires. Produce that tastes the way it was meant to taste: fresh, crisp, and full of flavour. Organic produce holds its nutritional value since no synthetic chemicals have depleted it of any of the good stuff before it reaches you! Methods used for hundreds of years, farmers caring about quality and sustainability, and produce that allows you to reap all its natural goodness, is what will bring life into your kitchen.

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