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AOR - Taurine, 270 caps


Taurine is the second most common amino acid found in the body and helps to stabilize cell membranes. The most recent population studies have referred to taurine as a “wonder molecule” responsible for the longevity benefits of the Japanese. Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the heart, and is important for cardiovascular function. It helps to regulate blood pressure, heart rhythm and has been used to help with various types of cardiovascular problems. Taurine is often used to improve exercise performance due to its involvement in cardiac function and energy storage. Taurine is able to cross the blood brain barrier, and may have potential in helping to deal with neurological disorders. 

Supplementing with AOR’s Taurine can provide support for those with cardiovascular conditions, metabolic syndrome, migraines, or various neurological disorders. Taurine is also an excellent anti-aging nutrient as part of a general wellness protocol.  

•Supports cardiovascular & neurological function
•Stimulates the immune system
•A safe and effective dose that reflects current research

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