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Silver Leaf - Organic Tahini, 340G

Silver Leaf

Our "Tahini" is a non-pasteurized sesame paste that is ground out of unhulled sesame seeds in a traditional stone mill. It has a source of healthy fat that is rich in Omega 3, iron, calcium, protein magnesium and is cholesterol free. This Tahini surpasses 120 degrees during processing for a very short period of time, therefore, while it is not 'toasted' sesame seeds that are used, it is still not considered a raw food. 

Note: The label uses the term 'whole corn' - this does not indicate that any corn is in the product. It was a mis-translated use of the word. What was meant is that the sesame was "unhulled" as in the "whole seed" or "kernel". 
  • Ingredients: Organic Sesame Paste.

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