Maranatha Natural Foods Raw Almond Butter - No Salt - Goodness Me!

MaraNatha - Raw Almond Butter - No Salt, 340g

Maranatha Natural Foods

Maranatha All Natural Raw Almond Butter is the closest thing to eating almonds straight from the orchard. Containing only one ingredient, raw almonds, Raw Almond Butter is a nutritious alternative to traditional peanut butter. The naturally sweet and pure flavour of raw almonds can be paired with fruit or crackers, and even makes for a delicious sandwich. Although the combinations are endless, it is so delicious you might find yourself eating a spoonful right from the jar! This delicious almond butter will enrich your days and make you look forward to snacking. Try a jar today and taste the difference that quality makes!

  • Naturally Low in Sodium
  • Free of Cholesterol
  • Great Source of Fibre

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