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New Roots Herbal - Prenatal, 90 capsules

New Roots Herbal

Pre Natal is a comprehensive formula containing 24 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for proper fetal development and maternal health before and during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Pregnancy is the most critical period of a woman’s life from a nutritional perspective; even the most careful dietary regimen can fall short of the needs of both mother and child. Fruits and vegetables from supermarkets grown in mineral depleted soil can fail to meet critical embryonic needs. Even a mother with excellent nutritional habits may be a candidate for supplementation as the fetus becomes a priority for nutritional consumption.

Prenatal contains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support development of the skeletal system, organ formation, and central nervous system creation. All 8 members of the B vitamin complex are provided in Prenatal, these water soluble vitamins are not stored by the body and are in constant demand for the formation of skin, bones, muscle, organs, and the nervous system. Vitamins C, D3, E, and K are also formulated in safe therapeutic levels to meet the demands of pregnancy.

An additional 12 minerals are included in Prenatal to meet the demands of pregnancy; Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Boron and Potassium are all in highly bio-available citrate form. Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Chromium are all chelated for bio-availability. Selenium is found in Ascorbate form, and Potassium Iodide is the salt form of this critical trace element for thyroid development.

Prenatal ensures that mother and child alike have the full complement of vitamins and minerals to support fetal development and ensure peace of mind necessary to focus on the many other aspects of a safe and happy pregnancy.

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