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Organika - Marine Collagen, 250g

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Organika's Marine Collagen is an excellent alternative to bovine-sourced collagen.


  • 100% pure, single ingredient
  • Sustainably sourced from freshwater cod
  • Composed of 15 amino acids to boost your overall health
  • Odourless and flavourless
  • 9 g of collagen per serving
  • Paleo, keto, and pescetarian friendly
  • No additives
  • Each heaping tablespoon contains: Hydrolyzed collagen (fish scales) 5g.
    Providing the following: Alanine 9.1% (455mg), Arginine 5.4% (270mg), Aspartic acid 4.6% (230mg), Glycine 24.4% (1220mg), Hydroxylysine 0.5% (25mg), Hydroxyproline 7.3% (365mg), Isoleucine 0.9% (45mg), Leucine 2.1% (105mg), Lysine 2.7% (135mg), Methionine 1.0% (50mg), Phenylalanine 1.4% (70mg), Proline 9.3% (465mg), Protein 90% (4500mg), Serine 3.0% (150mg), Threonine 2.9% (145mg), Valine 1.9% (95mg).

  • Mix 2 heaping tablespoons (~10g) in half cup or more of cold water, juice or your favourite beverage daily.

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