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Muskoka Mornings - No Yolking Egg White Powder, 500g

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Safe for all ages – No Yolking offers 16g of protein per 1 tbsp and has only ONE ingredient – Egg Whites.

No Yolking™ 100% egg white powder is made in Canada with eggs sourced from Canadian farms. The fermentation process prolongs shelf life & ensures you are getting 100% pure egg whites with no risk of salmonella or other harmful bacteria.

1 tsp of No Yolking + 1 tsp room temp. water = 1 egg white.

· Great for Salad dressings, Desserts, Cooking and Baking
· Use in Shakes and Smoothies
· Full amino acid profile
· Good for diabetics
· Great for camping and outdoor enthusiasts
· Low carbs diets
· Paleo
· Alternative to whey with a moderate level of digestion
· Egg white protein helps with hormone regulation and helps keep muscles in an anabolic state

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