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Meals That Heal Inflammation

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Meals That Heal Inflammation, is an extensively researched book that explores six causes of inflammation.

MTHI helps you become a detective to discover the root of your pain.

MTHI helps you build a healthy kitchen full of healing foods, and provides tonnes of recipes that deliver fantastic, delicious meals while avoiding common pain triggers.

This book developed as a result of my own personal health crisis. While vacationing on a remote island of Thailand, I contracted a nearly lethal dose of food poison that left me paralyzed from the neck down. The combination of bacteria and high dose intravenous antibiotics that were used to save my life, ruined my bowel lining and left me with the inability to digest most foods.

I spent four years rebuilding my gut bacteria and repairing the lining of my digestive system. It took that long because I did not have this guidebook to know how to heal.

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