AOR - Mastica Chios, 120 Caps - Goodness Me!

AOR - Mastica Chios, 120 Caps


  • A healthful gum resin derived from the Mastica Chios tree
  • Helps heal and soothe peptic and gastric ulcers
  • Kills Helicobacter pylori
  • AOR’s Mastica Chios is derived exclusively from mastic gum from Greek pistachio trees

The Real Cause of Ulcers
Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium which is present in the gastrointestinal systems of many people. During an active infection, it is the main cause of gastric and peptic ulcers. Mastic gum, a resinous extract of the mastic tree that grows almost exclusively on the Greek island of Chios, has been found to improve the health of the gastrointestinal system and to eradicate H. Pylori.
Eradicates Infection

In laboratory studies, mastic gum was found to be able to kill H. pylori bacterium. This ability appears to be sustained in humans, and clinical trials with mastic have been highly effective. The extract not only relieves symptoms associated with gastric ulcers, including pain, it also succeeds in healing the ulcers in most people. Since H. pylori is also thought to be a cause of gastroestophageal reflux disease (or GERD, also known as heartburn), mastic gum may also have benefits for people suffering from this condition.

Mastic versus Ulcers Ulcers are a miserable plague that affects many people. Mastica Chios provides a natural, effective and safe solution for dealing with ulcers, with no known side effects.

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