Omega Alpha Liver Flush - Goodness Me!

Omega Alpha - Liver Flush, 500ml

Omega Alpha

NPN 80039596
RECOMMENDED USE: Milk Thistle is used in herbal medicine to help support liver function.
• Liquid format provides for better absorption than pills or tablets.
• Features a synergistic combination of highly effective herbs that gently support liver function.
• Formula has been scientifically formulated for safety and efficacy.
• Increases anti-oxidant support to the liver.

Combines Western herbs with herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide antioxidants to the liver, help with cell regeneration and most importantly to increase blood flow to the liver to increase the rate of toxin removal.
Suggested for individuals who have used medications (e.g. acetaminophen), smokers, and individuals who consume alcohol or eat high trans-fat foods – all of which stress the liver and inhibit normal functioning.

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