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Ener-C - Lemon Lime, 1 Sachet

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Ener-C will help to increase and maintain your energy levels, due to the invigorating force of the B-vitamin complexes and electrolytes it contains. Is Ener-C that miracle cold and flu fighter you have been searching for? You can be the judge of that. Just make sure you keep your levels of Vitamin C and zinc up, and see how you fair while everyone else is down and out with the cold and flu. What is the best way to get those electrolytes? Some say Ener-C. Whether it’s after or before a workout or game, or that extra sweaty time with a good friend, try it and see for yourself. Pssst - Did you drink a little too much last night? Have a little bit of a sore head, do you? Ener-C will turn that cloudy day-after, into a sunny day full of possibilities.

The makers of Ener-C combed the globe and spent countless hours perfecting the ultimate in flavour combination, Ener-C Tangerine-Grapefruit. Their Ruby Red grapefruits are the best on the planet, and when combined with the sweetness of the Satsuma tangerine, it’s like there is a party in your mouth and everyone is invited.


• Delicious and effective way to drink your vitamins
• Mineral ascorbate formulation for improved absorption
• Electrolytes for balanced hydration 
• Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc for antioxidant and immune support
• B vitamins and potassium for energy
• No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners
• Vegan, gluten and dairy free

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