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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
by La Luna

La Luna - Agra Salt Lamp & Oil Warmer, 1 EA

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1.5 kg of salt
2 x 25 watt light bulbs
100% natural Himalayan salt crystals
Heated ceramic plate for essential oils
Sourced from a seabed crystallized over 6 million years ago, Himalayan pink salt is mined from the Khewra mine in Pakistan. Some claim that these specific salt crystals, when illuminated, can produce negative ions that are said to have several health benefits. Despite the fact that these health claims are yet to be proven, it is clear that salt lamps create a unique ambiance as well as a warm light that promotes relaxation. These salt lamps combine aromatherapy with a source of pure, natural light. Once lit, it slowly warms and diffuses your favourite essential oil.

Dimensions: Diameter 5.1 inches x height 7.87 inches.
SKU 1000118193
UPC/PLU 184834000594

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