Prairie Naturals L-Glutamine Powder - Goodness Me!

Prairie Naturals - L-Glutamine Powder, 250g

Prairie Naturals

  • Keep your bowels healthy with regular doses of L- glutamine.  Helps prevent bowel disease
  • Keep your muscles healthy by preventing muscle breakdown and promote growth with easy to take L-glutamine powder
  • 5-10 grams daily will help in stabilizing blood sugar and alcohol cravings!

Prairie Naturals 100% Pharmaceutical Grade and micronized L-Glutamine powder! This popular amino acid is in the limelight with fitness buffs and athletes because it increases strength and stamina during strenuous workouts that deplete plasma glutamine levels. Research shows that supplementing with L-glutamine can minimize muscle breakdown while improving muscle growth and recovery. It is also a key amino acid for digestive health and optimal immune function. At 5 g per serving, each 250 container delivers 50 servings. For best results , take 10 gr daily.

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