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Genuine Health - Greens+ Energy Orange, 399g

Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy provides you with sustained and balanced energy, so you can conquer your day! The Greens+ Extra Energy formulation contains all-natural, energizing ingredients including taurine, and naturally occurring caffeine from the kola nut, while providing a full serving of nutrient-rich greens+. This nutritious formula has been proven to boost energy and vitality in every scoop! Enjoy Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy as a sugar-free alternative to traditional energy drinks and coffee, both of which tax the natural nervous system with unwanted additives and calories.

Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy’s benefits at a glance:

  • Immediate and long-lasting source of all-natural energy
  • Increases both vitality and mental clarity
  • No over-stimulation or energy “crash” side-effects
  • A healthy, sugar-free alternative to “energy drinks” and coffee
  • To increase and prolong mental & physical energy, and improve we-being, mix 1 scoop (14.8g) of greens+ extra energy in one and a half cups of pure water. Shake well. If you are a new user of greens+, begin with 1/3 of a scoop daily and gradually increase to a full scoop daily over a 3 week period.

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