Aromaforce - Grapefruit, 15ml - Goodness Me!

Aromaforce - Grapefruit, 15ml


Aromaforce Grapefruit Essential Oil is 100% pure and undiluted, steam distilled right from the peel. When diluted with a carrier oil, it is perfect for oily, acne-prone, dull, and congested skin, and has been known to help with hair loss. Use with caution: when using for skin or scalp care, it’s important to always dilute in a carrier oil before applying to the skin. Consult an essential oil manual before using.

Cool, delightful, and exhilarating, Aromaforce grapefruit essential oil’s fragrance is also slightly bitter with a hint of lemon. Used for aromatherapy, it can be a stimulating oil that uplifts and elevates mood.

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