Fever Tree - Ginger Ale, 4 x 200ml - Goodness Me!

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Fever Tree - Ginger Ale, 4 x 200ml

Fever Tree

Made by blending three natural and unique ginger oils with soft spring water, Fever Tree Ginger Ale is the perfect mixer.

So delicious that whisky writers are saying ‘at last' here is a ginger ale they can recommend to partner great products.


  • Natural gingers, carbonated spring water, cane sugar, natural flavour, natural caramel, citric acid

  • Nutrition Facts: Typical Values per 100ml: Energy: 144KJ, 34Kcal; Protein: 0g; Total Carb: 8.4g of which sugars: 7.1g; Fat 0g; Fibre: 0g; Salt: 0g

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