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Coryzalia® relieves cold symptoms in children and babies aged 1 month to 6 years.

About Coryzalia
Coryzalia is a homeopathic medicine used to effectively relieve colds and cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, acute rhinitis, recurrent, infectious or allergic in children age 1 month and up. Available in easy to use and administer drinkable unit-doses, Coryzalia is sugar-, dye-, and preservatives-free.

How to use?
Administer one drinkable unit-dose at the onset of symptoms.  Repeat up to 3 times per day. Reduce with improvement.

Why choose Coryzalia?
Parents and children alike will appreciate the ready-to-use, sterile water–based unit-doses, which are faster and easier to administer than ever. No mixing, no measuring, no fuss! And because they’re a cinch to tote, they’re a must for your travel bag as well as your home medicine cabinet.

This homeopathic medicine may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.

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