Boiron Cocyntal - Goodness Me!

Boiron - Cocyntal, 30 x 1ml doses


Cocyntal® helps relieve baby colic.
About Cocyntal
Homeopathic medicine used for the relief of baby colic : abdominal pain, cramps, spams and intestinal gas. Developed specifically for babies aged 1 to 6 months, Cocyntal’s sterile water–based formulation contains no sugar, no colouring  and no preservatives.  It is an effective solution for soothing colicky infants – and their parents!
Available in 15 or 30 liquid unit-doses.
How to use?
Administer one drinkable unit-dose. If symptoms persist, repeat at 15-minute intervals for up to 2 additional unit-doses. Repeat dosing regimen as required with subsequent episodes of colic symptoms for up to a total of 12 unit-doses per day.
Why choose Cocyntal?
Cocyntal® is neutral-tasting and comes packaged in sterile, drinkable and unbreakable unit-doses, making it an easy-to-administer, and fast-acting way of soothing colic symptoms. No mixing, no measuring, no fuss! And because they’re a cinch to tote, they’re a must for your travel bag as well as your home medicine cabinet.

This homeopathic medicine may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.

  • Medicinal Ingredients: Carbo vegetabilis 5CH, Colocynthis 9CH, Cuprum metallicum 5CH.

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Purified water


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