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Clef Des Champs - Organic Scullcap Tincture, 50ML

Clef Des Champs

Plant tinctures are concentrated extracts prepared in alcohol. Clef des Champs takes the greatest care in their manufacture, using only fresh plants from their own organic gardens, harvested at the height of their potency. They only use the most active parts of the plant and transform them immediately in our workshops and they only use certified organic grain alcohol, a traditional solvent for this type of preparation. Used in the right proportions, alcohol is the most potent solvent known, as well as being the most appropriate and flexible. Tinctures are easily prepared and transported, act rapidly and will keep for a number of years.

Scullcap is traditionally used as a mild sedative and in the management of headaches.
  • Scullcap fresh organic aerial parts (Scutellaria lateriflora).

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