Mega Food Blood Builder - Goodness Me!

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Mega Food - Blood Builder, 90 Tabs

Mega Food

    • Delivers nutrients to help maintain healthy
      red blood cells and iron levels in the blood*

    • Naturally combats fatigue and improves
      energy levels*

    • Promotes healthy blood cell production
      and circulation*

    • Delivers FoodState® Vitamin C in Uncle
      Matt’s Organic oranges, FoodState® Beet Root -
      from Stahlbush® Island Farms - a traditional
      blood nourishing food

  • Easy to digest and non-constipating


MegaFood's Blood Builder is the number one-selling whole food iron supplement  designed to help maintain healthy iron levels and red blood cell production. Blood Builder remains to be one of most highly recommended products because it works well for individuals who need to supplement the iron in their diet. Blood Builder is crafted with nourishing FoodState NutrientsTM, which provide the recommended daily requirements of non-heme iron, folate and B12. It also contains vitamin C to enhance iron bioavailability and utilization plus organic beet root, a natural source of deep-red pigments traditionally known to nourish, purify and strengthen the blood. Blood Builder is herb-free and suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This gentle, whole food formula is easy to digest, even when taken on an empty stomach. Unlike conventional iron supplements, Blood Builder will not upset the stomach or cause constipation.


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