NOW Better Stevia Extract Packets - Goodness Me!

NOW - Better Stevia Extract Packets, 100 packets


Once you discover stevia – the natural sugar substitute with zero calories – you won’t want to be without it . . .

Stevia extract, derived from a plant native to South America, is 60-100 times sweeter than sugar. But it doesn’t add a single calorie to your diet! With hundreds of studies behind it, stevia is safe and good for you. Because it is low on the glycemic scale, it can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Best of all, NOW Foods has developed a patented process using a special vegetarian-sourced enzyme to give you the best stevia has to offer – BetterStevia™. With this extraction process, you get the whole stevia with a clean sweet taste.

Unfortunately, stevia hasn’t hit every diner, coffee shop and break room yet.

So to make it easy for you to have your stevia goodness whenever and wherever you need it, we put together these BetterStevia packets.

With these BetterStevia packets you can easily stow stevia in your purse or in the car. Available in multiple sizes, with an organic option, you can find the BetterStevia packet package to suit you. You can even jazz things and add our French vanilla-flavored stevia to your favorite morning drink.


  • Natural
  • Delicious, Clean, Sweet Taste
  • No Bitter Aftertaste
  • Zero Calories

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