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Awaken My Senses Organics - Lavender Oil - 5ml

Awaken My Senses Organics

Lavender is an aromatic evergreen shrub with violet-blue spike-like flowers. The oil is extracted through steam distillation of the flowering tops. Our lavender essential oil is unadulterated and 100% pure.

ESSENCE: Encouraging, compassionate and accepting. Lavender is a middle to top note and is considered to be a balancing oil.

EFFECTS: Lavender is well known for its sedative effect and is especially good for insomnia due to mental stress and anxiety. It is excellent for treating stress, calming the mind while uplifting the spirit.

THERAPY: Lavender essential oil is like a “medicine chest” in a bottle. It is the most widely used essential oil and because of this it is also the most commonly adulterated essential oil. True Lavender has many therapeutic benefits such as easing the pain of a burn or blister, preventing infection and promoting rapid healing. It is good for conditions involving inflammation such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, dyshidrosis, psoriasis, boils and wounds. Lavender is very useful for the treatment of sunburn and sunstroke. It is recommended for treating headaches and migraines. Lavender essential oil is a fungicide and thus is effective for treating fungal infections. It is also bactericidal, which makes it an excellent oil to diffuse during cold and flu season.

PRECAUTIONS: Lavender essential oil is considered to be safe. However, it can have an emmenagogue action, therefore WE RECOMMEND THAT IT NOT BE USED DURING PREGNANCY

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