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Strauss Heartdrops

Strauss Heartdrops® is a 300 year old European herbal formula crafted by the unique methods of the Strauss family of herbalists; with 8 powerful herbs and a proprietary process that remains unduplicated. It lowers elevated blood lipids like oxidized LDL cholesterol, helps maintain cardiovascular health and improves circulation.

Strauss Naturals Story: In the heart of Europe in the 1700’s a formula emerged from the Strauss family of herbalists. Seven generations later, escaping through gun-fire and mine-fields Jim Strauss brought his family to Canada. War induced PTSD prompted his heart attack in 1985; they made the Heartdrops® and Jim recovered. He knew then they must help as many people as possible. After 300 years Strauss Heartdrops® remain on the front-line in the battle for health.

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