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Progressive - Vege Greens Pineapple Coconut, 265g

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Vege Greens blends over 60 land, sea and cruciferous Vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and Probiotics, enzymes and herbal extracts. Professionally formulated and energetically tested, VegeGreens® contains no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners, and no hidden ingredients. 
  • Essential Fatty Acids (Freeze Dried): Organic Non-GMo Lecithin 1750mg (Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylinositol, Phosphatatidylserine) Flax Seed oil 200mg Borage Oil 40mg Pumpkin Seed Oil 35mg Primrose Oil 35mg Sunflower Oil (CLA) 25mg Green Food Concentrates: Barley Greens 750mg Wheat Grass 500mg Buckwheat 75mg Spinach 40mg Aloe Vera 20mg Parsley 20mg Sea Vegetables: Spirulina 1000mg Chlorella 200mg Dulse Seaweed 25mg Kelp 20mg Green Algae 20mg Land Vegetables: Brown Rice Powder 300mg Beet Root Powder 250mg Carrot Powder 200mg Organic Fermented Soy 150mg Celery 20mg Olive Leaf Extract 15mg Phytonutrients: Acerola Berries 115mg Blueberry Fruit Powder 50mg Quercitin 25mg Green Tea Extract 20mg Grape Seed Extract 10mg Bilberry Extract 10mg Lycopene (Tomato) 3mg Resveratrol 2.5mg Lutein 2mg Cruciferous Vegetables: Broccoli Extract 100mg Cauliflower 60mg Brussels Sprouts 35mg Kale 25mg Watercress 15mg Standardized Herbal Extracts: Cranberry Extract 75mg Astragalus Extract 30mg Milk Thistle Extract 25mg Siberian Ginseng Extract 25mg Ginkgo Biloba Extract 20mg Hawthorn Berry Extract 15mg Dandelion Extract 10mg Nettle Extract 5mg Fiber Blend: Apple Pectin 105mg Oat Bran Powder 30mg Inulin 15mg Digestive Support: Fructooligosaccharides 500mg Probiotic Blend 200mg (acidophilus, bifidus lactobacillus 2 billion active) Protease 10 SAPU Amylase 100 DU Lipase 100 FIP Cellulase 10LU Black Pepper Extract 1mg

  • Mix 1 scoop (8.5g) of Vege Greens into 250ml of water or your favourite juice. Consume 1 serving daily.

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