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Light & Savoury Ham & Cheese Scones

Light & Savoury Ham & Cheese Scones

Pair these classic favourites with blueberry jam. The contrast of cold and hot, sweet and savoury will delight your senses.


2 cups light spelt flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. Herbamare
2 tbsp. cold butter
1/2 cup finely chopped ham
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup soymilk  

Mix flour, baking powder and Herbamare in a bowl. Using a pastry blender or in food processor bowl, cut in butter until butter is pea sized. Stir in ham and cheese. Pour in milk and quickly mix to form a ball. Turn the ball out onto floured counter top. Shape into 2 balls and place on parchment-lined paper. Bake at 350F for approximately 20 minutes. (You can bake these ahead and just warm in foil prior to company arriving.)

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Katie - June 21, 2016

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for your comment! That’s great that you are going wheat-free the healthy way – I hope you are enjoying it so far, and hope you have found our wheat-free and gluten-free recipes helpful—there are lots! We do have some recipes with spelt or wheat as we know that everyone has a different diet and we like to provide recipes that suit all of those different diets. For this recipe, you could try making it with a gluten-free flour blend, but I am not positive how they would turn out. I have seen some recipes for almond-flour-based scones in a couple cookbooks at our GM stores, if you are interested in those!

I hope this helps!

Joanne Lowe - May 30, 2016

I am disappointed when I find recipes here that still have wheat in them, even though it’s spelt. I’m trying to eat wheat-free in a healthy way and it’s far from easy to find recipes I can make. I hope you will concentrate more on wheat-free recipes… Thanks for the wheat-free recipes I’ve found here. Just that it was very disappointing to see this recipe has spelt. Could you even give an alternative for those of us who don’t want wheat in our recipes? Thanks.

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