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Why a Daily Beauty Routine?

Why a Daily Beauty Routine?

It’s vital to protect and regenerate our skin every day, morning and night, especially in our harsh Northern climate.

Ever notice when people walk in from of the cold some have frown lines and redness on their face right away? Does your skin do this? Like so many of us, probably!  Half-jokingly, it’s a cold month reminder of how our skin could turn out ten, maybe twenty years from now, if we don’t take care of it.

The reason for frosty-red face is, here in Canada, like anywhere else with a harsh climate, the bitter, cold, dry air damages the structure of our skin. It’s a known fact that Canadian winters are dry. The nippy air dehydrates skin which, in turn, accentuates inflammation and accelerates the aging process.

This is what we need to protect our skin from.


How to take care of your skin in Canada?

Faced with all these aggressions, it is necessary to pamper and protect your skin with a routine adapted to your skin type … as well as our climate!

For sure everyone has their own skin type, ­so it’s important to use the right product to prevent further harm. Be normal, dry or sensitive skin, the right products will make a difference.  Look on products packaging, to see if it is appropriate to your skin type. Also remember that generic and synthetic products aren’t ideal, they can have a damaging effect on our skin.

And every climate calls for its own Bioactive ingredient­­­­s for your skin. It is preferable to use products adapted for us in Canada: a protective treatment during the day to strengthen the barrier effect of the skin, and a repairing treatment at night , promoting regeneration.

• In the morning:

to prepare the skin for makeup and fortify it in anticipation of the day's external aggressions such as our sudden climatic changes, varying temperatures, cold wind, sun and particles in the air.

• In the evening:

to rehydrate it after removing make-up / cleansing and especially to promote its regeneration. Less subjected to aggressions during the night, the skin regenerates itself intensively. What’s more the skin at night want to breathe and it does not need all the protection of the day.  So no oil or heavy cream.


Your Nordora Routine, with Bioactive molecules from Canadian nature

Just like our skin, our northern nature undergoes the same daily aggressions. To defend itself and following thousands of years of adaptation, our nature has created unique and effective bioactive ingredients. From the wild seaweed of the Atlantic Bay to the Red Maple, our natural Bioactive ingredients will cleanse, protect and hydrate your skin like no other.






We always start by cleaning our skin to properly purify it and prepare it for treatments. The Nordora cleansers, made with the White Birch Betulin natural extract is an antibacterial and antifungal, it cleans, removes makeup and excess sebum without irritating.

They contain only mild ingredients. Gentle on the eyes, the skin is clean, purified and soothed.

BioPurity Cleansers




Just after cleaning and preparing the skin for its treatment products, the light mist of Nordora Purifying Tonic, moisturizes and leave the Betulin extract from the White Birch on the skin for a purifying effect throughout the day and the night.

Purifying Tonic




The skin around the eyes is one of the most fragile areas of the face, the epidermis is very thin and it is generally there that the first signs of aging appear. The Nordora Eye Contour protects the skin from dryness, external aggressions and deeply hydrate it.

With neutral pH, our 2 Nordora Eye Contours allow application to the entire eye contour, including the upper eyelid. It quickly penetrates the skin for makeup application.  The Nordora Anti-Aging Eye Contour also has a tightening effect to firm the delicate skin around the eyes.

BioProtect Eye Contour or BioVitality Eye Contour



For hydration and a protection throughout the day against the external aggressions, Nordora Face creams come with a light sunscreen made with natural zinc, just enough for a normal work day, at home or for everyday errands.

They also contain the right balance of oils to nourish the skin's surface and provide extra protection. And of course, all the Bioactive ingredients of our nature to fortify it, including the Black Spruce, present in all creams, which fortify our skin so affected in Canada.

BioProtect Face Cream Normal Skin or BioVitality Face Cream Normal Skin


Choose the Nordora range well suited to your needs



Containing all the properties of wild Northern Atlantic Seaweed and wild Blueberries, this range deeply hydrates, regenerates the protective barrier, is an antioxidant and reduces redness. Ideal before the signs of aging.

BioProtect Hydration Line



With the Black Spruce and Red Maple Bioactives, these two trees stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin of the skin, deeply hydrate, firm the skin, smooth wrinkles, are antioxidants and diminish skin redness. Their oils of Safflower, Jojoba, Argan and Kokum Butter nourish the surface of the skin throughout the day.

BioVitality Anti-Aging Line





You can use the same Nordora cleansers as in the morning for the evening to gently remove makeup and accumulated impurities from the day. If we do not cleanse, the skin becomes irritated, the pores of the skin become blocked, the skin cannot breathe.

BioPurity Cleansers



Always the same Nordora product from Purifying Tonic for a fresh and purity effect all night long.

Purifying Tonic




This is the big difference for the night time routine: at night the skin works to eliminate its toxins, restore its epidermal barrier and rebalance its water content and above all regenerate itself. The concentrated intensive Nordora Serums are the perfect ally for your skin at night.

Above all, do not put a cream or oil on top of the serum. Let your skin breathe!

BioProtect Night Serum or BioVitality Night Serum


The solution comes from our very nature

After 8 years of laboratory research, Nordora is the first natural skincare formulated to give the skin its daily dose of Nordic vitality from our nature, because here in our country we really need it.

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