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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
Uniquely Organic Program: Organic Produce for Less!

Uniquely Organic Program: Organic Produce for Less!

Did you know that nearly 40% of food grown for consumption in North America is denied for sale due to cosmetic reasons? This is an alarming amount--think of what that food could do to help people get the nourishment and health that they need!

At Goodness Me!, we believe that healthy food is still healthy food--even if it isn't the prettiest. That's why we're introducing our Uniquely Organic program: organically grown, uniquely shaped, value priced organic produce items.

The produce items in this program might not be the perfect shape - but it's still organic produce! It's still 100% usable, 100% healthy, and 100% organic. Who cares what it looks like if you're going to be chopping it up anyway? Plus, our Uniquely Organic produce items are sold at a lower price, meaning you get more value. What might these items look like? In the last month we have had a lot of cucumbers as part of our program, and the only marking characteristic is that they were slightly curved instead of pin straight. Still beautiful to us! 

This program helps our local farmers thrive, too. When farmers come up with crops that are deemed "unsellable", their only recourse to salvage their crop (not to mention the weeks of work that went into growing it), was to go to farmer's markets if they had the time, or sell through wholesalers for food service purposes. Neither of these options were ideal, and therefore farmers faced a high waste percentage on their product--definitely not the best situation.

With initiatives like our uniquely organic program, we can offer farmers a helping hand. It allows them to salvage all their work, all their produce, and make sure nothing gets wasted. By opening this supply line, we are able to keep these products from being wasted, while offering the consumer an even more affordable option that still contains all the nutrition and flavour you have come to expect from organic produce. 

The product sourced under this program is found on an intermittent basis, so we may not have the Uniquely Organic produce items in every category all the time. However, we will have it available when it is, to offer you the opportunity to save even more money while helping out local farmers and reducing waste.

Drop by any Goodness Me! location and ask us more about our Uniquely Organic produce items. Look for them on our shelves and start to enjoy all the local organic produce we have to offer - no discrimination necessary! 

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