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The Legends Behind Our Ice Cream

The Legends Behind Our Ice Cream

Did you know the new Goodness Me! ice cream is not only made with organic ingredients and delicious, but that each flavour has a great story to tell? There's an interesting tale behind (most) of our ice cream - we didn't just come up with the names in a marketing meeting!*

Here are the legends that inspired these treats - you decide whether or not to believe them!


It was July 1967, the height of the Summer of Love; Sgt. Pepper's was on the turntable, flowers were in everyone's hair, and a groovy mix of vanilla, pecans, and caramel ripple was on everyone's lips. It's said that the recipe for Cara-Van Ice Cream travelled from San Francisco to Canada in a Volkswagen Microbus by Wavy Gravy, bringing this peaceful flavour to our neck of the woods. Who knows?

Made with organic ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours, Cara-Van ice cream is made to let you indulge in the Age of Aquarius whenever your heart desires!

goodness me caravan ice cream

Gold Rush

Over a century and a half ago, an old prospector going by the name of Jeremiah Jacks set out north to the Klondike region to pan for gold. The fields were thin, and while he didn’t claim a prosperous stake, he did end up developing a delicious ice cream, serving it up at a local saloon. A hit with prospectors, ol' Jeremiah came back and bestowed his chocolate ice cream with fair trade cocoa and organic caramel ripple on us, disappearing into the sunset in search of more gold and caramel deposits.

Whether or not the legends are true, you won’t have to dig too deep to hit golden, delicious veins of caramel in our Gold Rush ice cream, meaning we'll all strike it rich!

goldrush ice cream

House of Parlia-Mint

Partisan politics have us more divided than ever, so Goodness Me! decided to take matters into our own hands, making an ice cream that will unite all parties together. Some say Sir John A. Macdonald formed the Great Coalition that gave birth to our fair nation after eating a bowl of this minty ice cream - but that's just a rumour.

House of Parlia-Mint contains organic chocolate chunks, local dairy, and organic cane sugar, making this a favourite in both the House and the Senate!

house of parlia-mint ice cream

Hunka Chunka Berry Love

The recipe for this sweet and soulful raspberry ice cream is supposedly buried deep in the vaults of Graceland, but we figured out how to get our hands on it: if you play Burning Love backwards and listen closely, you'll hear the recipe from the King himself!

The secret to its amazing colour? Organic beet juice! There are no artificial colours or flavours here, the chocolate chunks are completely organic, and it's sweetened with only organic cane sugar. Don't be cruel to your taste buds - make Hunka Chunka Berry Love the one!

hunka chunka berry love ice cream

Loco Cocoa

There are two explanations behind the name Loco Cocoa, our delicious chocolate ice cream: one story tells of a gigantic steam locomotive that would deliver chocolate to the ice cream factory, running at full speed down the Grand Trunk Railway to meet the insatiable demands of the public for our ice cream.

The other explanation is that there's just a crazy amount of chocolate here. With organic fair trade cocoa, organic cane sugar, and local dairy, Loco Cocoa will meet all of your craving demands!

loco cocoa ice cream

Just Vanilla

Sorry, there's no origin story here; it's just vanilla. But with organic cane sugar, real dairy from local farms, and delicious organic vanilla, this creamy delight will be your new favourite!

just vanilla ice cream

In all seriousness, our ice cream uses only the best ingredients, including antibiotic-free dairy, 100% Canadian Cream, no refined sugars, and no artificial colours or flavours. If it’s there, we only use organic cane sugar, chocolate chunks, fair trade cocoa, and caramel ripple. The legends might not be real, but the delicious taste sure is!

Chocolate Walnut Brownies & Ice Cream

Brownie made with spelt flour!

Preheat oven to 350°F.  Melt butter and pour into a large bowl.  Sift cocoa powder into butter and stir in coconut sugar.  Add eggs and vanilla and melted chocolate and beat well.  Add in flour, salt and baking powder and stir to combine.  Stir in walnuts.  Pour into a greased 9 x 13” pan (or one lined with parchment paper).  Bake for approx. 30 minutes or until firm when touched.  Let cool completely and cut into 12 large squares. 

Take one of the brownies and place a large scoop of Goodness Me! Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream on top (or your favourite flavor).  Drizzle with chocolate syrup (or caramel syrup depending on flavor of ice cream).

Goodness Me Brownie Ice Cream

Goodness Me!'s six flavours of ice cream are all delicious and made to the highest, most delicious standards - try them all today!

*The names come from some of great people at Goodness Me!, though we did have a meeting to approve them.

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