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The Farm Behind the Food - Blue Goose Chicken

The Farm Behind the Food - Blue Goose Chicken

Blue Goose was established in 1993 as a hobby farm in British Columbia. We started with a simple belief – look after the land and the animals, and they will look after you. 

From a belief to a way of living, the Blue Goose Promise, “Take care, eat well” means that we are committed to farming practices that put the welfare of the animals first. Our promise to you as a consumer is that Blue Goose will always ensure that our animals are humanely treated, and proudly raised right here at home, on a Canadian farm. Being socially responsible is in our DNA. Because healthy land produces healthy animals. 

Blue Goose raises and processes its chickens according to the exacting animal welfare standards of Certified Humane: the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to humane farm animal care. The goal of the program is to improve the lives of farm animals by driving consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices. Blue Goose welcomes the annual inspections that ensure these standards are maintained. 

Our chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics and are fed wholesome, vegetable grains that never contain animal by-products.
The birds have space to roam in modern barns with natural light, ventilation, natural perching conditions, and have access to outdoor pastureland when the weather permits. Plus, Blue Goose utilizes vertical integration, a practice that means they are involved in every step of the process – from raising chickens to shipping their own product to retail. 

When it comes to selecting the best chicken for your family meals, choose Blue Goose for delicious, sustainable, and ethically raised chickens. Contrary to its name, the brand carries neither geese nor blue products, just delicious chicken available in whole birds, breasts, thighs, drumsticks, ground chicken, chicken sausage, chicken burgers and stuffed chicken breasts.

Blue Goose takes pride in the high-quality food they produce and the high standards they hold themselves to. Like any good craft or tradesmen, they constantly strive to improve and get better. Treat yourself to food that’s been well treated.


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