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The Beauty Of Canadian Skin Care & Mineral Makeup

The Beauty Of Canadian Skin Care & Mineral Makeup

 Hello Spring! As trees begin to bud and flowers bloom, we are reminded of the wondrous beauty of change.

As a Healthy Living Advisor, it’s truly tremendous, watching first-hand, women transform their lives with healthier habits. Nourishing the body with an abundance of organic food, water, sleep, and minimizing stress are key to sensational skin, but product choice is paramount. Unfortunately, so many women turn a blind eye to protecting their largest organ. Approximately 10 personal care products are applied daily, all in the name of beauty. Do you really know what you're slathering on your skin? Repeatedly applying a cocktail of chemicals, is harmful to say the least. Everything we scrub, spray or rub onto our skin penetrates, ending up in the blood stream. The body flags ingredients as invaders and the liver goes into overdrive in an attempt to filter the onslaught of toxins. Isn’t it time to “Wake Up Your Make-up” during the month of May at one of the 10 GoodnessMe! Stores?

Spring Clean Your Cosmetic Bag!

Conventional make-up and skin care is a toxic bath. The only place unpronounceable ingredients belong are in a spelling bee. David Suzuki, a Canadian activist, shed light on the dangers of pesticides with his “Dirty Dozen” list prompting many to make a switch to organic food. Good news! David Suzuki also compiled a list pertaining to personal care products. It's imperative to avoid all 12 ingredients negatively impacting health. Even at low doses, allergic reactions, infertility and cancer are all linked to the unnecessary use of chemicals in cosmetics and skincare. Many young girls begin their beauty journey, innocently applying subtle shades of lipstick and nail polish. It’s shocking to realize as many as 33 chemicals are licked off lips plumped with a hint of pink! Weekly manicures, are blissful self-care Sundays for many women, but please skip salon polish. Most brands contain an average of 31 scary ingredients. It's time to get savvy.

Defining Natural Skin Care!

 Natural beauty begins with radiant skin. Glowing skin is possible even when exposed to Canadian weather. Cold windy winters, icy rain and even hot humid summers are elements NORDORA addresses with products. NORDORA was created using Canadian  Nature. Laboratory-proven skin care specifically formulated to face the 5 daily aggressions of living in a Nordic climate. Keeping the skin hydrated, ensuring the epidermis or visible layer of skin is strong while addressing wrinkles, spots, redness and inflammation help guard against premature aging. Luminous skin is possible with bioactive molecules generated by a flora-based organic body, fancy words for plants and trees. Biopurity cleansers are step one in your daily beauty routine. NORDORA's ingredients work synergistically  to purify, cleanse, remove make-up, exfoliate and tone skin at any age whether you are male or female. Bioprotect is designed for hydrating, tailor made to address the up and coming signs of aging, but before they debut. Biovitality is all about anti-aging. Nourishing oils help hydrate, firm, relieve redness and smooth wrinkles. All three skincare lines minimize the impact of four distinct weather seasons. Rugged Canadian wilderness provided the landscape, NORDORA captured it’s essence, utilizing a few key elements in their natural skincare line.  Wild Northern Atlantic Seaweed is full of polysaccharides, helping hydrate and maintain water balance. From spruce to birch to pine to maple, six specific types of trees were chosen each for their unique gifts. Wild Blueberries are powerful antioxidants, full of fiber and a menu planning must but, Nordic wild blueberries have a thicker skin, proving to be a powerful extract for clearing skin of toxins and free radicals.

Radiant Skin equals flawless makeup!

Supple skin sets the stage for flawless makeup! According to Jeanine Bower, makeup artist, beauty specialist and educator, “You compliment your skincare routine when using natural makeup. It also has skincare ingredients so it feels like skincare, yet it's makeup and will feel comfortable all day.”.

Walking the talk!

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, advocating living wholistically, I strongly encourage shoppers to move away from popular department and drug store brands. Price is not a reflection of purity. It can be overwhelming to navigate natural vs conventional when many companies label products containing chemicals as natural. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides a top-notch tool shedding light on thousands of popular brands. Their cosmetics database gives you facts to make smart choices catered to holistic living. Downloading the app, makes it simple to be savvy in a snap.

I’m often asked what I choose.  ZUZU is my go-to and available at Goodnessme! stores. Their wide range of foundation colors makes it easy to match any skin tone while still providing great coverage, eliminating the need for a setting spray. I am hooked on lipstick shades like Dollhouse Pink and Vegas, but thanks to an insider tip from Jeanine I will be following the 2019 summertime color trend and “living coral!” My lip-gloss will be “luscious” and “sunset” blush will add a hint of color.  The fact that ZUZU does not contain the usual suspects sold me from the get-go.

ZUZU does not contain:

  • Coal derivatives
  • FD and C coloring agents
  • Nano/micro sized particles
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Lanolin
  • Talc
  • Propylene glycol
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Gluten

You will find my make-up bag stocked with ZUZU because I value myself, animals and the environment.


May is Beauty Month and YOU ARE INVITED!

May is beauty month here at Goodnessme! and we are inviting you to join us for an exclusive shopping event like no other. Jeanine Bower, TV and film make-up artist will wow you with a live demonstration, sharing her top tips, “Make sure your foundation matches your summertime skin color!”. See what’s new for Summer 2019!  Learn what’s lurking in your current cosmetic bag and trade in one conventional product for one new natural product at 50% off!

Let’s recap: Talk, tips and trade in one product for 50% off!

Limited space is available.

It’s never too early or too late to make a cleaner choice! Sign up today at



Mercedes Kay Gold, CNP, CPT

@mercedeskaygoldfitness on instagram





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