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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
Introducing Left Coast Organics

Introducing Left Coast Organics

From their founder Ian Walker to all their partners, employees, farmers and friends they are like-minded, values-driven, and inspired every day by delicious organic food. 

For over 20 years Left Coast has been supplying retailers across Canada with premium bulk organic nuts, dried fruits, seeds and snacks. Their products have always been sustainably sourced directly from farmers and partners here at home and around the world. 

Doing Bulk Differently  

How does Left Coast perform against other bulk vendors?  

  1. Direct farmer sourcing and relationships: for many of their top selling items, they have been sourcing from the same farmer for over 20 years and in that, have developed deep relationships with them.
  2. A transparent food chain: they share all if the information they have online and in stores with their customers.  Items such as: country of origin, ingredients, allergen warnings, nutrition facts table, certifying body & the farmer story (if applicable).
  3. Exclusively organic/natural bulk catalogue: 92% of their catalogue is certified organic, and the other 8% are non-GMO but not certified organic.

Why Organic?  

There are so many reasons to “go organic”, here are the top 5 supplied by Left Coast:   

  1. Supporting independent farmers 
  2. Fewer synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers 
  3. Healthier soil 
  4. No GMOs 
  5. Supporting pollinators and biodiversity 

At Left Coast Organics, they believe that going organic goes even deeper.  

They believe when we choose organic food, we are choosing to do less harm to the environment and to leave the planet better than when we found it. 

With regard to the environment, Left Coast has partnered with Radicle Climate Smart since 2013 to audit, measure, and reduce their carbon emissions, and since 2021, have been able to buy offsets for their remaining emissions. They continue to look for new ways to further reduce their impact on the planet.  

Some of their initiatives over the years include:  

  • ‘Green bonuses’ for employees with regard to eating organic food at home, commuting by transit or carpooling, making home improvements for reduced energy loss, and more 
  • Reduced shipping days to help consolidate the transportation of goods 
  • Ship by rail whenever possible for incoming goods 
  • Facility upgrades to reduce energy loss 

Plus, they could not be happier to be a founding Canadian B-Corp. Basically, being a B-Corp means making all that they think is important: the environment, community, social responsibility, employee welfare, into a primary way we measure their success.  And it gives them a way to hold themselves accountable to our goals.   

At Left Coast, they know where every one of their ingredients comes from, which means so do you. Have a look at their farmers & partners section on their website, or look up more info for one of the products you’ve bought here   

Finally, they love to hear feedback.  Drop them a line, they love talking about sustainably sourced, organic food. 

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