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It's A Canadian Thing, Eh!

It's A Canadian Thing, Eh!

Canadian Products We Love To Cary From Coast To Coast!

Happy Canada Day to all you Canucks out there! This Canada Day we’re celebrating from coast to coast with our favourite brands who are 100% proudly Canadian. As a Canadian business, we’re so lucky to carry these amazing Canadian brands in our stores and online as well!

We hope that you have a fun-filled Canada Day with no shortage of maple syrup, eh?

Smart Sweets in British Columbia


British Columbia – Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets was created by Tara Bosch, all the way on the west coast in British Columbia. Tara created Smart Sweets when she began to experience the negative effects that sugar has on our bodies. After spending months in her kitchen with a gummy bear mold – she found the recipe that would revolutionize candy. Smart Sweets now has 5 different flavours across over 1,000 retailers. Once you try them you’ll join the mission to #KickSugar

Highwood Crossing Alberta

Alberta – Highwood Crossing

Highwood Crossing was created by Tom and Penny Marshall in Alberta, Canada. The name comes from a portion of Highwood River that runs beside their family farm. Before there were bridges or paved roads, travelers would cross at this portion of land and that’s where the name Highwood Crossing was originated! Tom and Penny have been using sustainable organic farming methods since 1989. This means there are no toxic chemicals or pesticides used, there’s a small carbon footprint, and they use crop rotations to help control weeds and pests. Tom and Penny are still producing health and organic food without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Three Farmers in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan – Three Farmers

Three Farmers is exactly what it sounds like – a brand created by three farmers named Colin, Dan, and Ron. They are second and third generations who are praising the Saskatchewan prairies as one of the best places in the agricultural world. The goal of Three Farmers is to bring healthy and sustainable foods to Canadian consumers and share the story of how it’s made! Try their roasted chickpeas or crunchy little lentils – you won't be disappointed!

Manitoba Harvest Brand

Manitoba – Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest was founded in … you guessed it! Manitoba. Manitoba Harvest was created by Mike Fata – Mike was tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle, so he changed the way he was eating and started to incorporate protein, fibre, and good fats, which are all found in hemp! Since hemp foods played such a vital roll in Mike’s health transformation, he wanted everyone to be able to try them. Pick up some hemp hearts, hemp protein, or hemp granola and start experiencing the benefits of hemp!

Black River Juice in Ontario

Ontario – Black River Juice

Black River’s beginnings actually started in a completely different province! Keith Wallace and Grant Keene began this journey working with local farmers to sell the juice from their leftover cherries. They realized the demand in Ontario was huge and decided to juice cherries themselves! Grant and Keith eventually made the move to Toronto and the no sugar added, preservative free, and natural juices made from local fruit caught the attention of everyone – Black River was then created! Black River now has over 30 different juice offerings, still sources local fruit when possible, and can be found at quality retailers across Canada!

Cha's Organic in Quebec

Quebec – Cha’s Organics

Cha’s Organics was created by Chanaka and Marise. Cha’s Organics was built on better business practices – they support organic agriculture and fair trade principles. They believe in offering food choices that are organic, healthy, nourishing, and delicious! Make sure to try their coconut cream – it’s one of the best out there!

Covered Bridge Chips in New Brunswick

New Brunswick – Covered Bridge

Covered Bridges beginnings started all the way back in the 1900s in New Brunswick, Canada. In 2009, the first Covered Bridge chips were bagged up and ready to go! Now Covered Bridge grows 500 acres of dark russet potatoes so that they can satisfy your potato chip cravings year round! Don’t miss out on their limited Canada Day red and white potato chips!

Alive Supplements in P.E.I

PEI – Alive!

Alive! Vitamins were created to make you feel like your best self – all the time! Alive! Understands that it can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need in a day and that’s why they created a multivitamin for everyone in the family! Get your vitamins and minerals the easy way with Alive!


We hope that you enjoyed learning more about some of our favourite Canadian brands that make us proud to live in this country we all call home! Have a safe and fun Canada Day!

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