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Healthy Boosters for Your Water!

Healthy Boosters for Your Water!

Drinking plenty of water is an important part of a healthy lifestyle! Boosting your water is an easy and tasty way of getting more from every sip. Try these 4 healthy water boosters, with extra health benefits!

IMMUNITY with Enerc-C 
Ener-C Vitamin C Drink Mix is a deliciously effervescent and all natural product flavoured with real fruit juice powders, and contains no artificial flavours or colors. Take 1-2 packets daily to improve immunity, and live better every day. Each time you drink an Ener-C, you're getting the benefits of consuming real fruits along with your vitamins and minerals for immunity, hydration, travel, and everyday activities.

HYDRATE with Nuun
Designed to keep you hydrated wherever your active lifestyle takes you. Nuun active is packed with optimal electrolytes, contains clean ingredients, and is low in calories and sugar. 
This nutritious formula has been proven to boost energy and vitality in every scoop! Enjoy Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy as a sugar-free alternative to traditional energy drinks and coffee, both of which tax the natural nervous system with unwanted additives and calories.

DETOX with Salus Beet Crystals
This naturally sweet tasting, instantly soluble product is a pure concentrate, carefully obtained from the juice of freshly pressed certified organic beets. These certified organic Red Beet Crystals contain 100% natural, active constituents such as iron and vitamin C. Many health benefits, including liver detox!
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