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Tim Bolen & Goodness Me! Live on CHCH

Tim Bolen & Goodness Me! Live on CHCH

We had lots of fun with our friend, Tim Bolen from CHCH Morning Live at our Goodness Me! Upper Gage location! 



Click on the link above to watch all four segments  


Segment 1 – HERE COMES THE SUN! 

Goodness Me! founder Janet Jacks chats about Vitamin D—what it does, why we need it and how we can get it!  Wanna learn more?  Janet has an upcoming online class on January 14th all about Vitamin D. Click here to register.



Meet Wholly Veggie co-founders John & Josh as they serve up some delicious plant-based dishes.  Wholly Veggie makes adding veggies to your diet a breeze with their delicious cauliflower bites, pizzas, and plant-based meals.  All available at all Goodness Me! locations in our freezers.  


Segment 3 – JUICE UP!  

Brendan Coates, RHN, author and Goodness Me! educator breaks down the difference between smoothies and juicing.  Check it out as Tim tries one of his delicious recipes.  Interested in learning more about juicing?  Well, you’re in luck!  Click here to sign up for Brendan’s upcoming online class called “Juicing into the New Year”; an interactive class where you’ll learn the secret to juicing, why it’s good for your body, and you’ll leave with some delicious recipes to try at home!  



Check out what we’re serving up in our hot bars!  Our own Chef Pekka Woods gives Tim a tour of our hot bars—open daily from 11am-3pm at select Goodness Me! locations.   Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free… we’ve got it all!  Healthy, hot and ready to eat.  Eating good doesn’t have to be hard! 

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