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Glow Up Your Skincare

Glow Up Your Skincare

Improve Your Skin In 5 Mindful Steps!

By Charlotte Singmin
Writer / Model / RAW + BASIC, @charlotteannas

When it comes to skincare, I’m admittedly a bit of a fanatic and here’s why - nourishing your skin from the inside out is a significant pillar of your holistic health - you can’t expect to get your glow on without hydrating, eating healthfully and keeping your skin clean and protected. Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating, once you get in the habit, I’m confident you’ll find that taking care of your skin can be easy and enjoyable! Let me show you how to transform your skin with these simple steps.

Step 1: Hydrate

I start every single day with a glass of room temp water - it’s a simple step that will make a huge difference. Not only does hydrating your body contribute to clear, glowing skin, but it’s important for your overall health. If you need a reminder to drink your H20, try filling a reusable water bottle the night before and leaving it by your bed or somewhere equally visible like the kitchen counter. Post-it notes on the mirror or messages on a whiteboard also help - no judgement here, if “don’t forget to drink water” is something that needs to be seen to make it happen then don’t hold back when it comes to your notes-to-self!

While I certainly LOVE my morning coffee, I recognize that caffeine is dehydrating, so in order to keep my skin hydrated and balance my consumption I make a point to drink a glass of water for every cup of coffee I consume. Again it’s all about getting in the habit - pour a cup of coffee and set it down next to a tumbler of water as a visual reminder. It’s that easy and after you’ve done it a couple of times you’re likely to find you’ve established a routine that sticks.

Step 2: Support Your Digestion & Eat Mindfully

Next I’ll make some hot water with lemon to kick start my digestion. Your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body, so if your gut is unhappy it’s quite likely that your skin will be impacted. I also take a daily probiotic to keep things balanced and add chlorophyll to my water for a myriad of benefits including a potential boost to the immune system and supporting my skin health (hot tip - choose a mint flavoured liquid chlorophyll for a refreshing taste!).

Throughout the day I try to consume mindfully - I steer clear of processed junk food and turn to nature’s bounty instead. Dates are among my favourite sweet treats and coconut yogurt topped with bee pollen, raw cacao and a swirl of maple syrup is another delicious snack. Superfood smoothies made with a plant-based protein from a reliable brand are my daily go-to as I know that all the nutrients I need will be packed into one delicious drink. I incorporate good fats like avo toast and salad toppers made with nuts and seeds to contribute both to my overall health and my healthy glow. Filling my plate with a rainbow of whole foods throughout the day keeps my body functioning optimally and my skin reaps the benefits - it's a solid

Step 3: Proper Skincare

So let’s talk skincare. Do I wash my face morning and night? I absolutely, 100% do. I never go to bed with my makeup on - dirty skin is just not worth it. Dirt and environmental pollution can clog pores and irritate your skin. A quick rinse is just not going to do the job when it comes to keeping your skin clean and healthy, you’ll need to choose a facial cleanser to do the job.

My skincare success comes largely in part from organization and forming a habit. I’m not a fan of fumbling when I am tired or half awake so some simple prep means I can ease into my beauty routine with the confidence that everything I need is at my finger tips. On those evenings where I feel particularly wiped I’ll start my skincare routine early. I’ll change into my pj’s after I get my son to bed and wash and moisturize my face before I get out my book or cue up the latest episode of Drag Race - I’m all about serving skincare realness!

Step 4: Skincare as Self Care

Another way I get in the habit of taking care of my skin is by framing my daily beauty routine as a self care ritual that is just for me - that way I look forward to it even more. Moms - I am sure you can relate - alone time is precious - and if it means I have to lock the bathroom door to get some, well gosh darn it I’m going to do it!

Position skincare as a way to show yourself self love. Touch your face mindfully (don’t forget to wash your hands!) and try repeating positive affirmations as you do so. I love a good facial massage with a serum and while I gift myself this moment of self care I like to repeat a mantra like I am worthy or I am beautiful. It is so empowering to shower myself with love and positive energy rather than stare in the mirror with harsh thoughts of judgement or criticism.

Step 5: Your Routine

I like to use a konjac sponge or a soft washcloth and a gentle cleanser to wash my face. I am a fan of oil cleansers in particular but I would suggest that your routine is personal and finding your unique fit can be part of the fun. Try brand samples to see what works best for you or reach out to brands on social media - they’ll often be more than happy to answer your questions and help you choose a product that fits.

After I pat dry my face I enjoy a facial massage with serum (make sure to leave a little moisture as it can help activate the product). IMO this is the really good part so be sure to give yourself a couple of minutes to mindfully massage this baby in. I know a 2 minute facial massage can seem like a luxury if you’re not used to giving yourself this time in the morning, but trust me - you can make the time; the energetic and physical results will be worth it - don’t forget that empowering mantra!

Next step is another one of my faves - I use a jade roller immediately after my mini facial massage. Not only does this feel lovely (try keeping your roller in the refrigerator for a cooling experience), but it also helps smooth and tone while improving circulation and detoxifying skin. Roll slowly and gently smoothing skinwith love and kindness. I swear by these steps and it always feels like such a treat to care for myself in this way.

My skin has a tendency to be a little oily in the summer and dry in the winter so I’ll adjust my routine accordingly. In the winter I’ll protect my skin with a facial balm or face cream which I’ll smooth into my skin after I finish with my jade roller. In the sunnier months I always apply sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer with a significant SPF. Sun protection is vital - make it a top priority and don’t forget to reapply!

When it comes to scrubs and masks I am a fan - I love a good Netflix and chill moment or bath and podcast once a week with a mask. Sheet masks are my favourites because you simply massage the remaining serum into your face, although charcoal and clay masks are great but a little messier!

Exfoliating skin is important but don’t over do it! Again, I think factoring in your unique skin care needs is super important and checking in with a skincare professional like a dermatologist is always a good option. Personally I exfoliate about once a week - I like a gentler exfoliant with smaller grains which I massage gently into my skin and then remove with a warm washcloth.

I recently had the pleasure of testing out Basd Body Care’s Coffee Scrub with impressive results - I’ll certainly be adding this treatment to my repertoire of weekly beauty rituals!

I’m a big fan of brands that embrace body positivity and Basd is vocal about empowering and supporting all bodies. With their accessible price points and plant based formulations they’re definitely top of my list for green beauty go-to’s and their coffee scrubs are a total must-have. I would suggest embracing their cheeky instructions to “go ahead, strip down, and get dirty” with their invigorating blend of ground coffee, almond oil, coconut sugar and peppermint and kick start your morning into high gear! I found massaging the scrub all over while in the shower not only released the peppermint oils for an uplifting aromatherapy experience, but also sloughed off dead skin for a rejuvenated glow - the perfect way to celebrate spring!

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