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Friends cleanse together: Why cleanse?

Friends cleanse together: Why cleanse?

Alright, cleansers, here we go! Are you excited? Motivated? Energized?? If you answered YES, just wait til how you feel after your cleanse because these positive vibes are only going to get better!

Welcome to our Friends Cleanse Together journey for 2020! I’m so happy that you’re joining us and couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. This intro blog post is going to cover everything you need to know about cleansing: what a cleanse is, why you should do it, what health benefits you might enjoy, and even what you can and can’t eat. But before we dive into all of that, I want to talk about how our Friends Cleanse Together campaign is going to work this year.

Friends Cleanse Together is hosted by Goodness Me! and is a community-wide event—so everyone is welcome to join! The

purpose is to help people feel more energized and enjoy the health benefits of a cleanse just before we head into the spring season. Winter can definitely make us all feel a bit more sluggish—has anyone else been spending more time Netflix and (actually) chilling than they have been focused on feeling great? I’m with yah. But the good news is we’re here to help you break out of that rut.

All you have to do to join the Friends Cleanse Together event is visit our Cleanse Challenge Group at, and purchase your cleanse of choice:

  • The Beginner: Renew Life First Cleanse Kit
    • Formulated for the first time or sensitive cleanse! No strict diet required. This cleanse lasts for 15 days and uses gentle herbals to stimulate cleansing in your 7 detox channels.
  • The Intermediate: Wild Rose Gentle D-Tox Kit
    • A 12-day cleansing program, very similar to the advanced version, but with a milder laxative formula included. A great option if you still want to include a “cheat” meal in your cleanse time!
  • The Advanced: Wild Rose Detox Kit
    • Used for over 40 years! This is a 12-day program and includes a meal plan to make it easy for you to know what to buy and eat. Includes herbals to help stimulate your cleansing mechanisms, with emphasis on the liver.

Not sure which one is for you? A couple questions you can think of include: have you done a cleanse before? Are you accustomed to modifying your diet (i.e., taking out things like coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat, etc.)? How much of a jump-start do you want to experience from the cleanse? These should help guide you to your choice. If you have more questions, hop over to our Goodness Me! Community page and ask away! I can help you find the right cleanse for you, or visit any of our Goodness Me! locations and a supplements employee would be happy to help you.

Once you have your cleanse and have joined our group, you can invite your friends to join you (friends who cleanse together, stay together!) and then get ready to feel amazing! We are kicking off the cleanse on March 1st, so make sure you have your kit before then so you can get prepared. The cleanse itself will last two weeks, so by mid-March, get ready to feel your awesomeness literally shine through from the inside out!


Okay, now that we’ve got you all excited about our event, let’s dive into the juicy stuff… like, what is a cleanse? A cleanse can really be a number of things: it can involve cleaning up your diet or your personal care products, including more cleanse-friendly habits, or actually using a kit to help promote deep cleansing. That’s what we’re going to be embarking upon in our Friends Cleanse Together. Basically, through supplementation, diet, and lifestyle, we’re going to be cleansing our bodies of all the built up toxins. This means moving toxins from all major storage sites in the body through the skin, kidneys, bowel, lymph, lungs, and liver. By doing this, we will feel more energized, have more balanced hormones, have better bowel movements, have less headaches or inflammation—the benefits are never-ending.

You might be asking—why would you need to do a cleanse, or how do you know if it’s right for you? The truth is, we are bombarded by toxins in our world around us on a daily, minute-ly, and second-ly basis (okay, those aren’t words—but you get the point). Toxins can come from around us in our environment from things like chlorinated water, chemicals in our personal care and cleaning products, any medications we might be taking, preservatives and pesticides in our foods, and processed foods as well. Internally, we actually create toxins through hormone imbalances, poor digestion, strenuous exercise, and emotional stress. All of these sources lead to a build-up of toxins that overwhelm our liver and other detoxification organs, causing them to not work as well, become sluggish, and not break down toxins. We may experience constipation or other digestive issues, slow digestion, hormonal imbalances and reproductive issues, headaches and inflammation, mood imbalances, skin irritation, and so much more.

While our bodies work to detoxify toxins on their own every day, sometimes we need to give them a little help to do a massive clear-out so we can reset and feel rejuvenated. Picture it like a house filled to the roof with clutter. If you went in on your own and removed one bag of clutter a day, without adding any more clutter (even though we are constantly adding more toxins to our system daily… sorry!), it might take you months or years to fully empty out the house. But if you had a team of 100 people helping you, you could clear it out in 1 day. That’s what a cleanse kit does: it helps to amplify the efforts of your body and lifestyle to clear out toxins more efficiently and quicker than your body could do it on its own. By eating a clean diet free of sugars, preservatives, processed foods, or harmful fats, and by engaging in lifestyle benefits like movement, drinking lemon water, and sleeping well, you’ll support your body’s cleansing systems even more.

Okay, so now that we all know we should all be supporting our cleansing systems regularly, what are the benefits? Well, we’ve mentioned many of them above—more energy, clearer thinking, clearer skin, better digestion and bowel movements, etc. You might even notice that you lose a couple inches or some pounds over the two weeks you’ll be cleansing with us.

What about long term? If you engage in a cleanse-friendly lifestyle and diet on a regular basis (here are 10 great ways to detox daily—without a kit!, your overall toxic burden is going to continue to decrease over time. Your liver and cleansing organs will be less clogged up and work better, your hormone issues might clear up, inflammation will go down, mood will improve, and so much more.

Now down to the good stuff: what can you eat on a cleanse, and what should you avoid? The three cleansing kits we’re offering for our Friends Cleanse Together challenge all have different guidelines on diet, depending how strict you want to go. General rules for a cleanse, though, would be to avoid things like caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, preservatives or artificial additives, dairy, heavy meats like red meat, wheat and gluten, and junk food in general. You also want to make sure you’re avoiding chemical-laden personal care and cleaning products, opting for more natural options. Make sure to consume lots of water every day on a cleanse, and start your day with lemon water. You can have herbal teas and greens drinks which will help give you energy, enjoy copious amounts of vegetables—especially greens, and have clean protein sources. You can also enjoy lighter exercise like walks, yoga, or swimming; indulge in Epsom salts baths; and get into nature as much as possible.

While you might feel a bit worse-for-wear a few days into the cleanse (think: headaches, tired, moody, irritable, and maybe even bloated), that just means it’s working. Those are all signs that toxins are fleeing your body! After day 5 or 6, you should start to feel better and feel your energy increase again.

We’re so excited to go on this cleanse journey with you! Head into one of our stores or visit our website to purchase your cleanse kit, then join our community at to start collaborating with our cleansing friends and ask questions. I’ll be there for you through the whole time to answer questions and offer suggestions along the way. Let’s do this, cleansers!

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