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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide
Farm to Table with 100% Canadian Beef

Farm to Table with 100% Canadian Beef

Introducing the Meyer Harvest team and our better beef program!

So much care, planning, and passion goes into producing the perfect cut of beef for your dinner table. For Meyer Natural Foods that passion started with founder and owner Robert Meyer’s desire to bring the best tasting beef to every customer. He believed that truly delicious beef produces a premium eating experience. Having the highest regard for each animal, he found that those raised as nature intended consistently delivered the best taste.

Meyer Harvest was created to bring the highest quality, taste, and tenderness to you from Angus beef locally harvested. Angus is valued for a superior eating experience, based on marbling and tenderness. The cattle are raised on lush Ontario farmlands without any added hormones or antibiotics, EVER! They also meet the strict standards of the Meyer Natural Foods Humanely Handled program which is independently verified. Using only 100% Canadian Angus cattle from a network that supports local farmers, some are closer to you than you could possibly imagine!

“My promise to our customers has always been the same - to consistently provide the industry’s highest quality, best tasting beef with a commitment to environmentally sound practices, humane animal treatment and personal integrity. I stand behind this commitment the best way I know – by putting my name on everything we do.”
- Robert Meyer

Goodness Me! and Meyer Harvest stand by their products and guarantee you will enjoy every last bite.

Lewis Land and Stock
Holstein, Ontario, CA

Lewis Land and Stock is owned by Anson and Cathy Lewis, along with their two young children, Hailey & Connor. Established by Anson’s Great-Great Grandfather, Alex McKinnon, Lewis Land and Stock has long historical ties to the Angus breed and was one of the first importers of Angus cows beginning in 1889 with the family continuing this legacy today.

Trimble Farms
Cottam, Ontario, CA

On over 1,400 beautiful acres in Cottam, Ontario, Dave Trimble and his son Adam raise 300 head of black Angus cattle and farm wheat, soybeans, and corn. Dave’s passion for farming started on his father and uncle’s dairy cattle and crop farm which he later purchased and transitioned into the farm he operates today. Adam grew to love farming during the youth 4-H program and enjoys working directly with cow/calf suppliers to locate deep bodied high performing cattle. From the beginning the Trimbles have chosen to raise their cattle naturally and humanely.

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