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DIY Topical Spray

DIY Topical Spray

Essential oils, derived from the plant world that uses them for their own defense system, can play a safe role in keeping unwanted pests away in a cruelty-free fashion.
Try this easy-to-make, environmentally-friendly remedy for keeping the critters away.


Witch Hazel, 355 ml bottle 
Citronella Oil (must)
Lemongrass Oil (must)
Geranium Oil (may help protect against ticks)
Lavender Oil (optional)
Peppermint Oil (optional)
Cedarwood Oil (optional)


Pour the witch hazel into a large glass jar and add approximately 15 drops of citronella and lemongrass, and 10 drops of optional oil(s), like lavender. Geranium is an optional oil for regular bug spray and may be helpful for tick protection.
Close the jar tightly and shake well (mixture will be cloudy). Pour into a spray bottle for use and label correctly.
Use on exposed body parts and rub in. Don’t spray in your face or eyes. Spray on a small area first if concerned with allergies to any ingredients - especially on children.
You can also spray around the area where you are sitting outside.
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