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Castor Oil Packs- How to Heal with this Legendary Tool

I have been hearing about the castor oil pack my entire life. It took my getting really sick – so sick that I was completely dysfunctional, unable to get out of bed and simply not myself – for me to finally experiment with this magical healing tool. My energy and vitality had literally been sucked out of my body and I didn’t recognize who I was.


Before this, I was vital and full of energy, managing all of life with awesomeness, and then suddenly I couldn’t do anything. My energy was a frazzled mess propelled by anxiety and adrenaline and it was this stressful state that motivated me towards accomplishment. I was constantly on the go, never taking a moment to just be. I was moving forward on adrenaline, instead of being propelled forward by my purpose and a relaxed state of living.


When I became bed ridden, I knew I needed to do something different then what I was doing. I was about to go into my final clinical year at naturopathic college. I knew all of the things I needed to do and I was doing them – like diet and exercise – all except the messy castor oil pack I had been hearing so much about. Getting sick made me realize that I humbly needed to adopt this castor oil pack practice because even though I was doing everything “right”, my body wasn’t in a state to heal and it needed some support. It was then that I took out my needle and thread and created my first castor oil pack because I knew I needed this healing practice in my life to help me get back to my normal, vibrant self.


Castor oil packs became more than just a simple treatment for me. They ended up becoming part of my life purpose and my mission. Castor oil packs healed and aligned my body, mind and soul, allowing me to pay it forward to as many people as I can reach. My goal is to be in 1 billion bathrooms by 2020 - whether it be inspiring people to use castor oil packs, or simply to turn around and take a look after doing their ‘business’, I want to encourage people to strive for healthy elimination. After all, how we eliminate waste is one of the best indicators of our overall health. My goal is to provide people with the tools they need to ‘own their throne.’


Why then was I so hesitant to try a castor oil pack in the first place? Likely it was simply a matter of time and effort. We all want a quick fix, a magic pill or an easy button, but anything that is a bit more work we can’t see ourselves doing. Let me tell you the traditional way of doing a castor oil pack, it was a total ordeal.


How to use a Castor Oil Pack


  1. Completely soak a flannel and put it in the oven.
  2. Apply oil to flannel and place on your body (careful not to burn yourself!)
  3. Wrap yourself in saran wrap (ugh, why…. that stuff is plastic!!!)
  4. Lie down for at least one hour or wear to bed overnight (who the heck has an hour to not do anything?)


This complicated process was and still can be a huge barrier for people wanting to try this healing, rebalancing, renewing and reinvigorating treatment. Fortunately, I changed the game and created the Queen of Thrones castor oil pack to make it easy-peezy.


A brief history of Castor Oil Packs


So where do the roots of these packs begin? Compresses and poultices with Castor oil were used back in ancient India, Egypt and China.


Castor oil was used in the bible to heal the sick. It was the oil used to anoint; this powerful oil was used to elevate priests as they ascended into their purposes, and kings and queens were anointed with the oil when they took their thrones. Other names for it include the divine oil, and magical oil, who doesn’t want a bit of divine and magic in their lives?


In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s they were adopted by nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and forward thinking health food store owners like Janet Jacks, founder of Goodness me.


When I first met Janet, she was an avid promoter of castor oil packs to all of her store clients and Lifewatchers participants. As we shared our experience of witnessing huge transformations with these packs we connected deeply. Both of us knew that people needed to adopt this practice for longevity as maintenance of health, no different than exercise, diet, sleep, supplementation, hydration and mindset.


What do Castor Oil Packs Do?


So what do these packs do? Why do health experts like Janet Jacks, Sandy Pomeroy and myself passionately recommend these packs to you? How can castor oil placed on the body with an organic cotton flannel, such as the Queen of Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack work?


In simple terms, the most important function of the castor oil pack is that it acts like the escape button on your computer. When your computer is in a frenzy and not working the way it should, you immediately go to the escape button and the shutdown key and suddenly all is well and your computer is back to normal. Castor oil packs are like that. The minute you place the pack on your skin, you stimulate cutaneous-visceral reflexes that put your body into the relaxed parasympathetic state. This is known as the rest and digest state; it is where we heal, where we connect to our source, and where our true purpose in life is revealed.


The problem is that we are mainly living in a sympathetic state because of daily stressors and things we must do, so we lose our parasympathetic tone. When we lose our tone we lose our ability to heal and we succumb to diseases of the worst kind. We have basically stripped away our bodies’ inherent and beautiful natural ability to heal. Just as you need to tone a muscle to build strength, we must also train ourselves to maintain a parasympathetic tone as much as possible and castor oil packs are an amazing way to achieve this.


I hope you are beginning to see how essential they are to maximizing your health practice. Imagine you spend thousands of dollars on nutritious food, supplements, naturopath visits and other holistic healers. Simply adopting this easy practice will supercharge the benefits of all those dollars spent.



What are the benefits of using a Castor Oil Pack?


To reap the benefits of castor oil packs you should ideally be implementing this practice daily for a minimum of 1 hour, and even better if you wear your pack overnight. You are actively putting your body into the parasympathetic state that allows it to digest better, absorb better, eliminate better, sleep better, think better and overall just be better! Like an Olympian, you need to practice to become skilled at your sport, practicing relaxation is no different, and it is a must-do for healthy longevity.


In part because of this automatic switch into the relaxed state, but also due to the legendary castor oil, we see a multitude of benefits with castor oil packs. These include reduction of inflammation, improvement of circulation and lymphatic flow (the super highway of the body that dumps the junk out) and improved smooth muscle function that helps you go to bathroom and deal with uncomfortable menstruation. Brand new research is demonstrating that castor oil packs can actually help break down biofilm.


For those of you not familiar with biofilm, this is a protective barrier that Candida/yeast and pathogenic bacteria species create in your gut and mucous membranes to prevent natural antimicrobials from attacking. This can lead to taking probiotics and not really getting a proper response to them. To reset your gut bacteria you must first breakdown the biofilm barrier and then attack the Candida and bad microbes. Only a handful of substances breakdown biofilm, the majority being artificial, chemical and man made such as antibiotics. However, castor oil is one of the only natural substances that has the ability to break down this barrier. So amazing!  So when you are practising your pack you are also helping to change your gut microbiome; the key to health.



In my personal practice and with patients, I knew that it would be a hard sell for people to do these packs if it took significant time and effort. How could I make it simple? The Queen of Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack is the result of my research and experience with prescribing thousands of castor oil packs. Now the pack has been simplified into an easy two-step process:


How to use the Queen of Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack


  1. Apply Queen of Thrones™ Castor oil on Queen of Thrones™ Castor Oil Pack.
  2. Place on Body and attach.


That’s it!


Yup, the simpler the better in my mind.


For an instructional video visit:


Make sure to always use the best quality castor oil - it should be organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free and bottled in glass. I recommend my Queen of Thrones™ Castor Oil because it’s the one that I use with all of my patients as well as my friends, family and myself. I’ve searched the world for the best quality oil that is produced in a healthy and sustainable environment. I have infused some love into each bottle and as many herbalists and natural health practitioners agree, it’s not until a plant respects you that it will show you its true healing abilities. Castor oil and I have that relationship.



So now, you can take advantage of adopting this royal health practice that really helps to move the needle in your health. Get your castor oil pack on now, it is a wonderful tool you can use for ultimate health and longevity. As Janet Jacks knows it, your support system and Healthy Living Advisors at Goodness Me know it, and I know it – when you practice your pack you find your purpose and your life falls into place. Everything comes into balance over time. My best advice is to start doing it today, don’t wait another day for what you can do now, because you are so worth it!






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 Dr Marisol

Facebook and Instagram @drmarisolqueenofthrones.

You Tube- Dr Marisol Queen of Thrones

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Marilyn Baxter - July 30, 2019

Thank you for the excellent design that ties on! I do enjoy an hour before bed to relax with the compress and a warm bean bag on my belly.
The cramps I had the first few days was likely a sign that the castor oil was helping my gut, but I had to stop using it as the cramps were excessive.
However, I may have solved that side-effect! I took 2 activated charcoal capsules at last night to absorb the toxins, and no cramps this morning!!! I’ll be using for another week straight. Thank you!!

Marybeth - July 30, 2019

Do you add 2 Tbsp each night to castor oil pack? And do you take a break from using castor oil pack? I know to clean after 10 days. Thx!

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