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Celebrate Canada Every Day! 10 Homegrown Products We Love

Celebrate Canada Every Day! 10 Homegrown Products We Love

Here in Canada, we're blessed to have an incredible range of tastes. We're able to incorporate more than 9 million square kilometers of sheer variety into our daily lives, and that's awesome! This vast range can translate into vast waistlines, though, as our nation is known for its affinity for fried dough, poutine, and a certain national coffee chain. It doesn't have to be this way though - we've got some amazing natural health products and foods right here in our backyard!

To celebrate Canada's milestone 150th birthday, we asked some of our beloved staff to recommend their favourite Canadian products. Most of them are sourced from Goodness Me!'s own backyard, but you'll find products from Calgary and Quebec in this list, too!

Lindsay McFarland, Marketing Manager – Tartistry Gluten-Free Tarts (Toronto, ON):

"I love this brand so much not only because they have an out-of-this-world product, but the owner, Stephen, is delightful. Whenever he is in our stores, we know with confidence that our customers are meeting someone who is passionate about his product and passionate about people!"

Katie Wouters, Product Category Manager – Well Ink Charcoal Lemonade (Calgary, AB):

Great juice can be found coast to coast, but this favourite of Katie's comes from the entrepreneurial spirit of two Calgarians! Well Juicery's inky black lemonade gets its colour comes from activated charcoal, making it great for detoxification as it neutralizes and remove unwanted toxins. Don't worry, it doesn't taste like charcoal - it has a delicious, light flavor!

Michael Bowering, Guelph Assistant Store Manager – Dixon’s Whisky Barrel Aged Maple Syrup (Guelph, ON):

"The first thing that strikes you about this maple syrup is its bold, unique flavor. It’s dark, rich, and smoky. But what I love about Dixon’s is that it is a local company from Guelph that has partnered with a local Guelph farm! Delicious on waffles, crepes, yogurt, or anywhere else you can find an excuse to indulge."

Callum McGeorge, Head Merchant – Hewitt’s Dairy Half & Half Cream (Hagersville, ON):

Hewitt's Half & Half Cream, like all Hewitt's products, is made with Ontario dairy, and it has no added artificial flavours or stabilizing agents. A locally sourced cream perfect for a Double Double - there's nothing more Canadian than that!

Dale Chapman, Barrie Store Manager – Filsinger’s Apple Cider Vinegar (Ayton, ON):

Canada's delicious fruit aren't just for eating! This fantastically versatile product is made with locally grown, certified organic apples and aged in oak without the use of any additives or preservatives. When it's done, it's left unpasteurized, remaining wholesome, raw and contains mother of vinegar.

Brock Ingham, Online Store Manager – Giddy Yoyo (Orangeville, ON):

"For me, my favorite local company is Giddy Yoyo. They have such a wide variety of uniquely sourced products that bring their super foods to a new level. Since I love growing my own vegetables I appreciate the time and effort that went into finding the perfect place to grow their products. From red heirloom bananas to Ecuadorian Cacao the quality is experienced in the flavors they produce."

Robin Langford, Senior Buyer – Settlement Coffee (Waterloo, ON):

If you're looking for alternatives to that long drive-thru line, Robin's got you covered. Ethically sourced and roasted in Waterloo, Settlement Coffee is some of the highest quality coffee you'll find in Ontario. The beans are the first step towards the perfect cup of coffee, but if you're in a rush, grab their Nitro Cold Brew!

Hannah Vandeven, Locke Supplements Lead – Smith Farms Natural Skincare (Saint-Polycarpe, QC):

“I can be confident in using their products every day because of the simplicity and purity of the ingredients they use. The sister duo behind Smith Farms puts so much care into selecting their unique formulas! Some of their products are even hand made. Smith Farms personal care products provide true nourishment for the skin and create a natural healthy glow!”

Janine Phillpot, Brantford Store Manager – Nature's Aid Skin Gel (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON):

"It’s a great multipurpose first aid/skin treatment that treats everything from sunburn and heat rash to dry skin and eczema! I have the travel size in my purse at all times, and it's cooling and soothing for almost any skin issue you can think of!"

Dominic Presta, Product Category Manager, Meat, Dairy & Bread – Pine River Cheese (Ripley, ON):

Pine River Cheese & Butter Co-Op is a company almost as old as the nation itself, having been founded in 1885. Its 14 different varieties of cheese are all made from 100% Canadian milk, and only uses natural colouring. They control every single step of the cheese-making process, so it's as clean as possible!
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