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Better Beauty

Better Beauty

Putting Clean Beauty to the Test

There is a movement growing amongst Canadians that is heading towards cleaner cosmetics that give “good face” while being in harmony with the environment. The growth of natural cosmetics and the availability of these products is overtaking many shelves at our local beauty bars and it’s exciting to see the growth in this category. However, with these new products that have more natural ingredients, many are questioning if these products can perform as well as their “unnatural” counterparts. Are we sacrificing anything? Does it last as long? Does it affect performance? The last thing we want to do is try and do our part for the environment and then discover that your natural mascara has you looking 

like Rocky Racoon by lunchtime. So I decided it was time to put them to the test...

Putting it to the Test 

My family and I tried Annemarie Borlind to see if we could feel the difference between mainstream big brand cosmetics and all natural, organic cosmetics and put the performance to the test. My mature skin, their
younger skin, our collective busy days, and all natural ingredients should be the perfect opportunity to test the quality and versatility of this premium, natural brand. With price points being somewhat equal to other big brands
and the sustainability of the environment and the preservation of natural
resources being a higher priority than they were in the past, we were hopeful that Annemarie Borlind would deliver on a score card that rated on performance, environmental impact, and price. 

Annemarie Borlind, a skin care brand from Germany, is focused on being all-natural and sustainable in their ingredients and in the production of their skin care and cosmetics. They are a purpose-driven company and focus their initiatives to drive sustainable practices that include fair trade, entrepreneurial sourcing, and local support. Nature is declared their role model and the source of inspiration with traceable ethical origins for all their ingredients and packaging. The fact that it is possible to trace the source of their products brings to life the impact this brand has in their operations and by supporting them, we are supporting these other causes as well. 

Impact on the environment: Raw plant materials are used in their product lines and Eco Control (certification body) verifies the ingredients are organic. Nothing is sourced from animals and if ingredients aren’t biodegradable they aren’t included in the ingredients that go into their products. They support fair trade products that use ecological cultivation methods and have strategic partnerships for their ingredients all over the world. We found the standards for ingredients and production to be beyond what we have seen in the market, and it made us feel good to invest in a company that was making strides in changing the way skincare is produced. Annemarie Borlind is not a new brand, but their messaging is becoming more topical and relevant. 

Tried, Tested, True 

The girls and I visited our local Goodness Me! location and selected our products—it was hard to choose just a few. We tested the following from Annemarie Borlind’s lineup: Precision & Care Mascara, Powder Eye Shadow, Lip Colour, Effekt-Peeling Exfoliant Peel, Anti-aging Foundation, Loose Powder with Hyaluronic Acid and their Eye Makeup Remover.

Our Top Pick:  

The greatest discovery across all was the Anti-aging Foundation and Loose Powder. I applied the anti-aging foundation with a brush on top of my moisturizer. Tip: when selecting the right colour, don't test on your hand: test it on the inside of your wrist where the skin is a bit lighter. I apply the foundation make-up with a brush to avoid oil from my fingers and blend in evenly. For me, it covered my broken capillaries and smoothed out 

the colour variations on my face. For the girls, who are 17 and 24, they adjusted the colour by blending two different tones to match their skin and applied it using a makeup sponge. It provided long lasting coverage for dark spots under eyes, blotches, and breakouts.  

So, what’s my take home? Using clean makeup goes beyond the parabens, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients. Those are no-brainers for me. But it doesn’t end there. It’s also important to me that I support a business that is taking holistic steps towards a better future beyond me—but better for the planet and for the generations to come.  Find Annemarie Borlind and other quality cosmetics brands at your local Goodness Me! locations or here:  

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