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A World Without Bees

A World Without Bees

Bees have been maligned for too long. Thanks to the 1978 B-movie The Swarm and the subsequent overblown cultural panic about “killer” Africanized bees, many people still think of bees as flying, stinging menaces.

This is completely wrong! You might not know it, but we’re more dependent on bees than we realize. We shouldn’t be afraid of bees, because if bees disappeared tomorrow, it’d be much more frightening than The Swarm; not only would the environment be in serious trouble, humanity would be in serious trouble, too. Here are 10 reasons why a world without bees would be a colorless, flavorless nightmare:

We need bees for a well-rounded diet. These little insects make it easy to raise healthy, bountiful crops and sustain our consumption of fruits and veggies. Whether you’re biting into a juicy apple, enjoying a tall glass of milk, or even just stopping to smell the flowers, make sure to thank your local bees!

Look for this button in Goodness Me! stores to see what a world without bees would really be like!






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