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4 Common Collagen Questions Answered

4 Common Collagen Questions Answered

Collagen is HOT these days! With people singing its praises for plump, youthful skin and strong, supple joints. But even with its soaring popularity, collagen is a relatively new player in the supplement field – and people have questions.

Here’s a roundup of some of the top questions—and answers—about collagen (some of which may surprise you). Ready? Let’s go.  

Is collagen only for skin and joint health?


Collagen can help to improve the look of your skin and the feel of your joints, sure! But collagen can do so much more than that. Studies have not only shown that collagen is safe and effective, but that it can also provide support for many different health concerns.

  • Collagen can help you recover from injuries more quickly1 and can help improve your physical performance2.
  • Collagen can improve bone mineral density and reduce bone degradation3. Plus, there’s some new evidence to suggest that collagen can help to increase calcium absorption within the gut.
  • Collagen supports cardiovascular health by reducing arterial stiffness, which is a marker of cardiovascular disease in the elderly4. In other studies, collagen has been shown to prevent elevated blood pressure.
  • Collagen can provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  • Collagen improves overall wellbeing and energy5.

Can collagen be used instead of protein powder?


Nope! Despite its diverse range of benefits (and even though it’s sometimes called a protein), collagen is not a source of complete dietary protein. Complete protein sources contain all 9 essential amino acids that we need to get from our diet, to help us build muscle and fuel metabolic functions. Collagen contains a 

different spectrum of amino acids than a traditional protein source like whey or multi-source vegan protein does.


In short: the benefits of collagen are not because it is a protein but due to its unique peptides.


Are vegan collagen boosters just as effective as a marine or bovine collagen?


There are some vegan “collagen boosters” on the market that are an option for people who follow a strict plant-based diet. However, there just isn’t enough science to support the efficacy of vegan collagen boosters.


Fruits and vegetables containing silica and phytonutrients and vitamin C can help to build the skin’s natural collagen but are most effective when used in conjunction with a collagen supplement to achieve better skin hydration, faster recovery from injuries, cardiovascular health, and other benefits that collagen has been studied to provide in humans.


Are all collagen supplements the same?


That would make things simple – but it’s simply not true. There are different sources of collagen, different forms that influence absorption and companies with varying standards of quality.

Like every product at Genuine Health, we wanted to make the best collagen supplement we could. We’re committed to making products that make a difference for you and for our planet, so we formulated collagen supplements that:

…are sustainable and consciously sourced, from clean collagen sources that were by-products of other industries that would otherwise be unused:

  • clean collagen is sourced from pasture raised, grass-fed USDA cattle and is non-GMO, hormone-free and antibiotic free.
  • marine clean collagen is sourced from wild-caught cold-water fish in the North Atlantic and is non-GMO.

… provide a therapeutic dose of easily absorbed collagen in each serving. Enzymes break down the collagen into absorbable peptides (meaning it’s “hydrolyzed”) for better absorption! Each serving of clean collagen gives you 10 grams of easily absorbed collagen peptides (many of the studies on collagen are between 5 and 10 grams).

… makes it easy for you to take. We created two collagen source options: marine and bovine. So, whether you choose to take collagen from a marine or bovine source (again, a personal preference) you can choose between versatile unflavoured or lightly flavoured water enhancers.


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