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Update from Our Goodness Me! Farmers!

Update from Our Goodness Me! Farmers!

Did you know we have our very own certified organic farm?

Located in Campbellville, Ontario, our farm is run by two brothers, David and Meiring Beyers. They take great pride in farming organically, especially since they have a history in conventional farming and understand the benefits--for them and for the plants--of farming organically. All of the produce grown on the farm is picked and shipped to our Goodness Me! locations, often same day, to offer you local, fresh, organic produce offerings at a great price. It's like farming in your own backyard!

We're going to start getting items from our farm soon. Our Produce Category Manager, Patrick Barclay, is going to be sending us farm reports so that we can keep track of exactly what and when things will land on our shelves and in your hands.  

The first report for this year is below, with some images to accompany it. But first, do you know some of the reasons you should buy your produce organically? Check out our list of benefits below!

Organic produce has been a trend for a few years now. But is it really healthier? Let’s look at the facts.

  1. Organic produce gets chemicals off your plate. Conventional produce is treated with insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides—up to 90% of which have been stated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be known carcinogens.*
  2. Choosing the Dirty Dozen (the top 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables) organically will help to reduce your pesticide burden by up to 80%. The Environmental Working Group always puts out an annual list – check out their website to find out which 12 produce items you should buy organically.
  3. Organic protects farm workers—and future generations. Farmers on non-organic farms face up to six times the risk of disease due to the chemicals and pesticides they are exposed to daily. What are those chemicals doing to you, on your plate, in your produce items?
  4. Organic produce provides more minerals. We need minerals on a daily basis for so many things. For example, magnesium is a mineral that performs over 325 functions in the body. One of the key sources of magnesium is our nutrient-rich soil—or what used to be our nutrient-rich soil. Organic farming takes care of the soil, replenishes it with nutrients lost, and makes sure it is mineral rich—passing those minerals on to you through the produce grown on that soil. Non-organic farming does not take these careful measures, and the soil is often terribly nutrient-depleted.
  5. It’s better for the environment. It reduces pollution (air, water, and land), conserves water, reduces soil erosion, increases soil fertility, and uses less energy. Plus, it allows bees, insects, and other vital organisms to thrive without compromising the quality of your produce.

Those are the top five reasons why you should choose organic produce. There are many other reasons—for example, have you tasted an organic orange compared to a conventional one? No comparison!—but these are some of the most important.

Check out our wide selection of 100% certified organic produce at any Goodness Me! location. Take it home and taste it—we promise you won’t turn back!

Now, onto our farm update…

June 7 2016,
Greetings! We are rapidly approaching the start of Farm fresh produce being delivered straight from the farm to our shelves. At this time of the year the focus is maintain a balance between maintaining a cover crop of weeds to encourage soil diversity and nutrients, and ensuring that the same weeds that contribute to introduction of pollinators and lessening erosion of soil do not actually inhibit the growth of the vegetables they are designed to compliment. As David mused, if the veggies grew like the weeds do, we’d be dancing in the fields!
The picture above is a testament to the ingenuity of our farmers, in their ever evolving quest to maximize personal efficiency. It has been dubbed “Meiring’s miracle popper” and is designed to help pop the seedlings from their trays all at once, to speed up the transplant process when moving our seedlings from hoop house to field. It was mentioned to me that
Meiring alone is the operator of this device, as he has the magic touch! Pretty ingenious usage of some #2 pencils and rulers if you ask me!
The fields were abundant with heads of red and romaine lettuce, Swiss Chard , Kales and Cabbages, with my personal favorites the fresh Garlic scapes also just starting to appear. I’ll divulge my household pesto recipe featuring these beauties next week!
-Patrick Barclay,
PCM Produce and Bulk Goodness Me


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Linda - July 17, 2016

I just am reading all about Goodness Me! and will be checking out your Waterloo store this week. So nice to know you have an organic farm to source from in Campbellville.
Ooh… have you heard of the Garden of Eden method ( It’s a permaculture type of uber organic gardening…which is a lot more work on a farm of course. I’ve just started doing it in my own garden, as I wasn’t too keen on cover crops for a small garden.

Katie - June 21, 2016

Hi Haidee, we are working on scheduling some dates but will definitely have some this summer! Stay tuned to our blog and social media to find out when in the coming weeks :)

Haidee - June 20, 2016

Hello, I’m wondering if the farm has an open day to visit?

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