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Janet Jacks: Thanks YOU for 35 Years!

Janet Jacks: Thanks YOU for 35 Years!

Goodness Me! celebrates 35 years in business this April. Our founders, Janet & Scott Jacks, have a few words to share for our customers, partners, suppliers, and staff to celebrate this momentous occasion!


We – Scott and Janet – wish to thank all of our loyal and dedicated customers for your wonderful support through the years. You have given us the privilege of continuing to serve you and celebrate your successes, all these 35 years later.

Goodness Me! means goodness in a myriad of ways: good, healthy food; good information; a good and welcoming experience for customers; good working environment for staff; being good to our suppliers; the goodness of integrity in the way we run our business; bringing our own special goodness to the cities where we are located, and so much more. We are honoured to share that goodness with all of you.

Your personal encouragement of us, your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, your eagerness to learn, and your faithfulness to the cause have helped us stay the course. Thank you for sharing your questions, enthusiasm and personal success with us. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to watch your families grow and thrive. Thank you for welcoming us into your communities with warmth and excitement. Thank you too for welcoming us into your homes on Saturday mornings by listening to “Just for the Health of It” on CHML 900 am radio for over twenty years.

To all our Lifewatcher graduates, thank you. What a privilege to share in your journey to a healthier life! Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you as your lives have been transformed, as you have discovered the freedom, healing, and excitement that brings. Your stories inspire and motivate us!

To our family for all your encouragement, support, and practical help in every way, and for the sacrifices you have made to enable Goodness Me! to exist. Special thanks to our son Michael for your vision, wisdom, leadership, and care for people that has allowed us to continue to serve a new generation and grow into nine locations.

Thank you to our amazing staff for all your hard work every day that makes Goodness Me! the great place it is. You are like family to us. Thank you for investing your vision, energies, and passion in the cause. Thank you for your care and attention to our customers. We appreciate all you do and your special talents that make it all possible.

So many have helped make it feasible, words cannot thank you enough. But let us try!

To our customers, suppliers, and staff: A heartfelt and sincere thank you! It has been a wonderful 35 years.

Scott and Janet Jacks

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Karen - August 24, 2016

You at Goodness Me have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough for the knowlegde you have shared in LifeWatchers and numerous other classes, for the products I have learned to trust, for staff that continually works together to create a store environment that is wholesome and energizing, and the care and love that is a motivasting factor in all of this. Finally, I grateful to God for placing you in this city to be a leader in better living and for the blessing this will be for the next generations.

Maggie I. - May 18, 2016

Janet,Scott , we , customers cannot thank you enough for all the hard work, dedication, love, what you two provided for all these years.
The education part, what I really like; people need to learn a lot about healthy living.
We need to appreciate more nature, natural way to eat, drink, deal with health problems.
Maybe we can connect to younger people, teach them too, because many time parents has no interest.
Someone need to pick up , and do it. Schools can have some time, space for this kind of education. Maybe just conversation.
Kids needs to know, obesity, other health issues can be addressed , can be reversed.
Wish you two many more great year in the family of community , whom you value so much.

Marci Prebianca-Upson - April 30, 2016

Janet and Scott
It would be impossible to put into words how much you two and your family and business mean to our family and business!
Since 1990, we have had a wonderful history, from supplying your shop(s), working for you, and shopping at all of your locations!! It is an honour to continue to build a wonderful and healthy relationship with you and we cannot thank you enough for allowing us this privilege!
God bless you both, your family and your business! Paul, our children and I are proud to know you and work with you!
Sincerely, MarciPrebianca-Upson

Karen Davis - April 27, 2016

I would like to thank YOU for helping me find my way to better health. Your Life Watchers class (and Beyond Life Watchers) has made a world of difference to my quality of life and for that I am forever grateful.

george lange - April 26, 2016

thanks for being around and being a real pioneer for us. Your food and health items are a real benefit for us and your stories have put Hamilton on the map.

Jennifer Copeland - April 25, 2016

Wow 35 years!!! Amazing! Congrats Janet & Scott and the entire Jacks family!

Dianne Langdon - April 25, 2016

Janet and Scott, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey by working in your Upper Gage location. I went to work there for a job, to earn money and when I moved out of province I left being able to make well thought out decisions about my health. Your knowledge has been imparted not only to me as a staff member but to so many other staff over the years. You have encouraged all of us along the way to educate ourselves and to take charge of our health and well being. Thank you for a job well done and for continuing to teach and encourage others. Here’s to another 35 years.

Faith Cuthbert - April 25, 2016

We long for a Goodness Me store in London, Ontario….please and thank you!!

Brenda brooks - April 25, 2016

Congratulations to you both on your success, so proud to have known you back in the 70’s in Chatham. Nice to see both of our families grown and doing so well, we just had our 7th grandchild, a boy and look forward to another in early September. We wish you the best in the next years.
Brenda and Alvin

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