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5 Game Day Must Haves

5 Game Day Must Haves

It’s the big game this weekend—time to gather with family and friends and cheer on your team! But any game-day celebration wouldn’t be complete without delicious food. Here are our top 5 picks for game-day must-have’s this year!  

Live Organic Raw Kale Chips & Crackers  
This year, ditch the regular chips for Live Organic Raw Kale Chips and Crackers. Trust me, you won’t believe your tastebuds! Live Organic Raw produces completely raw, vegan, organic, and gluten free snacks without any of the bad stuff like refined sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Their kale chips are deliciously crunchy, oh-so-healthy, and extremely addictive. Best of all, they are made with real ingredients like kale (obviously), sea salt, water, lemon juice, and additional flavours. Their Cheesy Kale Chip flavour is made with a mix of cashews, red pepper, and nutritional yeast—and they actually taste cheesy! Or try their delicious crackers, loaded with flavour and readily available nutrients. You can enjoy them with your favourite dips and spreads or on their own. Live Organic Raw Kale Chips and Crackers make healthy, delicious choices for game day—just be sure to have lots on hand!  

Frontera Guacamole Mix  
Guacamole is a game-day must-have (or an everyday must-have, if you love avocados as much as we do!). Frontera Guacamole Mix makes it easy to make the perfect bowl of guac, every time. All you have to do is add the avocados—Frontera does the rest. With a delicious blend of tangy tomatillo, green chile and garlic, your guacamole will land a touchdown with all your guests. Pair it with Live Organic Raw Crackers or Mary’s Crackers for a delicious dip! Or, if you’re making tacos, try their Taco Skillet Sauce in Original or Mexican for an easy burst of flavour.

Neal Brothers Tortilla Chips & Salsa  
The classic go-to! And it’s as easy as opening the bag and jar of salsa, pouring each into a bowl, and dipping. Perfect for those short-on-time or wanting to keep it simple. Neal Brothers Tortilla Chips have real ingredients like whole grain blue corn, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, and a trace of lime. They even offer an option with organic flax seeds for extra nutrition! And their chips pair perfectly with their salsas—made naturally or organically, and full of flavour. Check them out and stock up now!  

Cracked Coconut Spreads  
If you’re looking for something sweeter this weekend, try Cracked Coconut Spreads. These are made locally in Waterloo, Ontario and are coconut spreads with a jam consistency and very clean, allergen-free, pure ingredients. Cracked Coconut Spreads are all natural, non-GMO, with no sugar or preservatives added. In each case, the whole coconut is creamed with pureed dates, a touch of Himalayan salt which adds to the flavour profile without them being too sweet, and then flavoured into three unique flavours. This is a very blood sugar balancing snack! They come in three great flavours: Pumpkin Chai, Dark Chocolate, and Bourbon Vanilla. How do you use them? Spread them, dip them, stir them, blend them, bake them, spoon them right from the jar. Use them with fruit, crackers, pretzels, in baked goods, in oatmeal, on pancakes, or on their own. Everyone will love these spreads! Check out the Goodness Me! nearest you for our selection.  

Q Tonic Drinks  
Your game day snacks wouldn’t be complete with a cooler full of beverages to enjoy. Instead of the usual pop or sodas this year, try Q Tonic Beverages. These are crisp, clean drinks made without any refined sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavours. They’re made with organic agave, real ginger for flavour, and real whole salt from the Himalayas. Plus, they’re perfect on their own or mixed into different drinks—you can get creative with their flavours! They have a classic tonic water as well as flavoured mixes like Grapefruit Citrus, Orange Citrus, or Sparkling Lemon. Bring game-day class to a whole new level!   What are some of your favourite game-day snacks? Share them with us and let us know what you love! Check back tomorrow for some of our favourite appetizer recipes as well. And sign up for our email newsletter for more great health info!

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