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What's On Janet Jacks' Table? Find Out!

What's On Janet Jacks' Table? Find Out!

Ever wonder what Janet Jacks eats for a meal? While she would love to invite us all into her home to enjoy a meal, it might get a bit crowded. Here's the next best thing--what's on Janet Jacks' table!  

Recently, Janet was away at her cottage and pulled together a delicious easy lunch for her and her family members to enjoy. Was it complex? No. Did it take hours to make? No. Was it healthy and so delicious? Yes! Healthy, real food isn't complicated--it's simple, easy, and oh-so-good. Find out what Janet enjoys for lunch below, and let it inspire you for a delicious meal of your own!

This is Janet, just whipping up some organic whipping cream (Ingredients: organic cream – period). Such great flavour – the quality makes all the difference. Yum! And I am serving it over blueberries and topping it with grated organic chocolate … just the way my daughter served it to me the other day. Delicious!  
Earlier today, my cousin came for a visit, and after a big walk, I made a simple lunch. She mentioned organic vegetables, and I realized that every single ingredient on our table today was organic. How lucky I am to have access to such great food! And that was the idea when we first opened Goodness Me! – we wanted to buy healing, quality food for our own family, and we knew that others would want and need that, too. So, here we are, more than 34 years later, providing just that – not only for us, but for all the communities we serve.  
Here’s what we had for our lunch:
Cabbage and seeds salad (Goodness Me! farm organic cabbage and grated zucchini, organic carrots, parsley, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup)
Organic raw vegetables and guacamole (Goodness Me! farm organic yellow beans, organic carrots, celery, broccoli, avocado, lemon juice, and garlic)
Silver Leaf Black Organic Olives
L’Ancetre Raw Organic Cheddar Cheese
Le Pain des Fleurs Organic Buckwheat Crispbread AND Live Organic Raw Cheesy Brazil Nut Nori Crackers
Karthein’s Organic Carrot and Ginger Sauerkraut  
It was quick to put together, tasty and satisfying, and most importantly, it was nourishing. From oil and vinegar to seeds and olives, cheese and crackers, everything was grown on healthy soil with the utmost care. That keeps chemicals off our plates, and puts the trace elements in that we need to keep vital and energized.  
Heartfelt thanks to our hard-working farmers, to the companies that make these great products, and to our dedicated Goodness Me! staff who help make it all possible.   Enjoy…Just For the Health of It!  
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