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Farm Fresh Guide & Farmer Interview!

Farm Fresh Guide & Farmer Interview!

Goodness Me! has our own organic farm in Cambellville, Ontario. It’s run by two amazing farmers, David and Meiring Beyers, and we got the chance to hear David’s personal story about why he choose organic.  

All Goodness Me! locations receive produce from our own organic farm. It’s certified organic, local, and delivered right from farm to shelf—it doesn’t get much fresher than that. What does certified organic mean? For one, there are no chemicals used on the farm. This means no pesticides or harmful chemical agents are used to grow the crops on the field. Instead, our farmers use things like nettle tea diluted to help keep pests away; or they use an intercropping method, so that certain crops grow beside others to either lend them nutrients or keep pests away from either other. Organic also means that no genetically modified organisms are used on the farm. It is 100% natural and organic, from seed to crop.  

Our farmers, David and Meiring Beyers, are very passionate about organic produce. Recently, we headed out to our farm to talk to our farmer friends about why they love organic so much, and what brought them into the organic world. David tells his personal story about the difference he feels with organic farming. Check it out below in this exclusive sneak peak into David’s story!   Farm-Video-Blog  

Want to learn more about our farm, get some delicious farm fresh recipes, and learn Janet's methods for preparing her favourite veggies? Check out our Guide to Farm Fresh Food--available now! Sink your teeth into the organic goodness of farm fresh veggies. Visit any Goodness Me! and ask for our certified organic Goodness Me! farm produce. Fresh, organic, delicious—from the ground up.

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